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  2. Miguel Gascon
    Very nice the site, but should put the name to the photos
  3. anon
    looked online and found out this is a "blue ocean slug" :) i think its pretty lol
  4. Enter your name
    sora patra
  5. SuperMilow
    yuck yuck yuck
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  7. marc jerry
    oh ow
  8. nat
    vomit vomit vomit no no no no

  9. ouchy
    this so scared the hell outta me. nature's scarier than humans.
  10. tk
    is this website for retarded people or what?
  11. weird 1
    retards like the one im replying to you mean.
  12. Guy
    You wouldn't happen to have a list of the names of those creatures? Because I really want to know what that thing on the garbage can is...
  13. bob
    it is a coconut crab but in this case it is a huge one
  14. Enter your name
    Jits a lobster
  15. lauren
    quite a few of those are real, non deformed examples of real species...what's so aweful about them?
  16. zav
    Why are these errors? Is nature only supposed to make pretty animals?
  17. Diego Bouvier
    The second one is in singapore sentosa island acuarium, i have a photo of this one. It is 2 meters tall !!!
  18. Enter your name
  19. keith bentham
    All these creatures are wonderful and beautiful adapted by millions of years of evolution. It's humans that are sick and ugly freaks intent on destroying their own beautiful planet.
  20. Enter your name
    U r right dude absolutly right
  21. Gabriel
    Yes, thank you very much! Finally someone with enough intelligence coupled with enlightenment who sees!!! I found these entities to be beautiful in every way. So alien, ... Just Like Us. I bet they're not screwing each other over for a profit, or poisoning theyre envronment with toxic waste to increase theyre profit margins...
    Thank u for that comment!
  22. mohammad
    i love that ox,it could be a big stake
  23. At
    Spiders are terrible! suicide JC_OMG_sign
  24. Enter your name
    Only if you're caught in its web though, right?
  25. 13
    @6: the one on the trash can is a coconut crab, and those things are freaky as hell.
  26. MacroManatee
    Yeah, but they're the sweetest-tasting, most juicy, and buttery of all the crabs to eat P:
  27. mishele

    All of these animals are beautiful in their own setting doing their own thing. Some of those odd octopi are very small (like the one that looks like Dumbo is 3 inches long). And the Colossal Squid is very rare and may be very intelligent, and it's lovely in its natural habitat. I'd love to know what that alligator with a narrow nose thingie is.

    I don't like the way you present these animals in such a way as to scare people. The ugliest things in nature are those who kill out of fear or disgust, namely humans. There is nothing else in nature so evil-minded.
  28. Enter your name
    You are absolutely right. I couldn´t agree with you more. Humans are the worst of the species....
  29. Gabriel
    No doubt. Although we have boundless potential, we apparently are gonna be in our infantile stage (evolutionary speaking) for a few more millenia b4 we can evolve beyond senseless war, and constant raping of the planet. It's too bad really. To call ourselves the top of the food chain only proves our ignorance, and our deaire to be the 'Chosen' creatures on the planet. HOGWASH.
  30. TruthRevealer54
    You have a very poor concept and opinion of the highest of God's creatures. The Bible says that he GOD, spoke all the animals into existence except mankind. GOD, actually created mankind. Which means he took dirt and other important chemical elements from the earth and formed man with his hands. Like a potter who takes a lump of clay and throws it onto a wheel and goes to work forming a beautiful piece of pottery. Sometimes that piece of pottery turns out to be masterpiece. With God every man has worth and is a masterpiece. The Psalmist David wrote in Psalm 139 of God. I paraphrase."You formed my inward parts, I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Mankind is GOD's most perfect creation.
  31. Stoners close
    Yeah, humans suck. Kill all humans! Kill with fire!!!
    Hold on though, who'd be left to right stupid arsed comments stereotyping all humans as evil greedy disgusting creatures?
    sum 4lk iz 4 kin idiots...
  32. robinyatesuk
    coconut crab
  33. Gr
    the bull is no "mistake from nature"! it is genetically engineered - a human f***up!!! n_angry
  34. jasy87
    i recognised a few, the octopus thesquid the coconut crab and my phobia.... SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!
  35. 18
    Nothing nasty about the Aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), perfectly adapted to listen for grubs under bark with those huge ears and weedle them out with its boney fingers. Also camel spiders with the Marines, spot the freaks there okay!!! Is it a Gharial, the croc with the narrow snout?
  36. halloman
    my sister-in-law was bitten in the shoulder by a camel spider she is in the R A F and it bit her in her tent when she was sleeping
  37. ??
    the 8 pic, it's a friking salamandra!! it's just a little lizard!!! HOW CAN YOU SAY IT'S AWFUL????
    swoon JC_doubledown JC_doubledown JC_doubledown
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    Write your comment here...
  39. Moontans
    I believe the 8th pic is an Axolotl. YEAH! and they're damned cute.
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  41. haha.
    the creature on the garbage can is a coconut crab, they get thier names because they can open coconuts with thier claws
  42. eeeeezzz
    JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign freaky
  43. supernaturel dude
    JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign
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  46. RolandIRL
    Ok... list fail.
    None of these are really all that awful... some might be kinda creepy or gross, but hell. You can do better than this.

    Dear author,
    Do a little research next time and give us an article that doesn't just go through a rehash of all the funky critters we've all seen before on thirty other sites. Give us something original.
  47. belle
    dear moaner you don't have to looks on this site you can go somewhere else i'm sure your tiny brain will survive long enough to go seek one out. happy hunting
  48. LoneWolf907
    No, the bull is not genetically engineered; it has a rare natural mutation that makes it mega-muscular.
  49. jin
    I don't think that they are most AWFUL.....it's not there fault they are so ugly.

    The Wal Mart shoppers of nature!
  50. Mary
    Isn't that giant bull the "Belgian blue", which actually is a mistake from humans. They can't reproduce naturally since the cows bone structure cannot carry the bull with it's unnatural muscular mass. Guess the bull itself might have some problems too... n_sad
  51. Aleks
    I agree with #26, list fail... "Awful" by WHOS standards, dude?
    There's nothing wrong with these creatures, they're perfectly adapted to their respective environments and therefore as normal as a tiger, a kitten or a peacock (to name some of the creatures we label as "beautiful")... "Awfulness" & "ugliness" are in the eye of the beholder, namely in our own minds, because we tend to sort all things in neat drawers, with appropriate labels on it... usually labels set by someone else instead of us...
    Go outdoor and just watch the nature for some time...
  52. Moontans
    hahaha. #26 looks like average baby eagles to me :S
  53. scottishbloke
    The narrow-snouted croc is indeed a fish-eating Gharial, probably from the Ganges river. By the way, there are NO camel spiders, or solifugae as they are technically called (a type of arachnid that is neither scorpion nor spider but related to both), anywhere near that big: it's just a clever Photoshop pic. These critters are not venomous, nor do they chew off people's legs... JC-LOL
  54. Gabriel
    I do not understand why alot of you cannot see through this optical illusion. Look closely at the Hand In the upper right corner of pic #31 (camel spider). You will clearly see the palm wrapped in the military cuff. The soldier is holding 2 spiders that were either mating or fighting. They are tied with twine and he is holding them suspended from a pair of tong or pliers. The illusion is that you automatically relate the spiders to the legs in the BACKGOUND and assume the spiders are as big as the REAR soldiers legs. They are only about 3-4 inches long each (body size- legs not included). Look again, see the hand holding them? See that they are rt in front of camera and the rear soldier is several feet away? OPTICAL ILLUSION. Why am i the only one that sees this?
  55. domba
    What is that on picture No 34 ? It looks like those small insects thal love dark and humid or dusty places in houses behind wardrobe closets. And what is on pic no1 and 4, is it the same animal or what is it???? What kind of crab is on 2nd pic? I supose that if it is presented to people as big as it is, they ment, probably the biggest specimen of its kind that was found so far, which makes me think "so far"; there has to be the same one but even bigger than this one??!!

    We name those kind of insects "molders" on pic 34
  56. ___/_____o/____
    god some ppl shud lighten up - these are hysterical - and if u dont think they're freaky then ur acid trip obv isnt as good as the one im on.......
  57. rahman khan
    its amazing!!!!!!!!!

  58. Gabriel
    I agree totally! I think these are absolutely beautiful, w the exception of the super teeth from the ??? fsh??? would not like to be swimming with those in the water!!!
  59. zigongzie
    aliens vs predators
  60. jimy mcdougle
    @34 - rahman khan GOD IS GREAT????,

    are you kidding me?

    these photos are some of the best examples of evolution out there! who the fuck is gonna design this!
  61. peet
    No, the bull is not genetically engineered; it has a rare natural mutation that makes it mega-muscular.

    Selective breeding isn't the same as natural mutation. It is genetically engineered, just through breeding not in a test tube.
    rapaz... so tem coisa estrana ai, eu só gostaria de saber se isso tudo é verdade ou mito...???
    alguem pode me falar
  63. Rebekka
    nature doesn't make mistakes. it is mans mistake to question what nature creates, making judgement upon what is right and what is wrong, what is beautiful and what is ugly.
  64. 974julien
    hum...the last spider has 10 legs ... strange
  65. Ivana
    LMao some of these "awful" creatures are really cute....
  66. bigboydelossantos
    n_sm_19 mr47_04 girl_devil
  • paramesh
    its not everything aweful some are interesting dirol
  • Pillemann
    You neither know anything about nature, nor the animal's names, you steal photos, and you're not embarrassed to call them "awful" or "nature's mistakes"

    You are an idiot.

    (Sorry, my english is bad, eventually)
  • El Moppo
    Most of those were beutiful. The only anomnalies seemed to be the Bulls and Cows.

    If you're calling a Gharial a mistake, then no wonder they're almost extinct.

    And you owe it to Giant Salamanders. Those Amphibians are all pioneers, pioneers for life on the land.
  • X-O-M-E-G-A-N-O-X
    what is the thing on the bin its really cool heart
  • ur
    JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL JC-LOL suicide suicide suicide suicide suicide mr47_04 mr47_04 mr47_04 JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign n_sm_19 n_sm_19
  • FROsch
    NOT aweful at all
    except for the poor bull who was ofcourse bred
    and the aweful creature in that pic. was the farmer!!
  • iosif
    the strange crocodilian is called a gavial

    or gharial, as u want to call it
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  • HDarmyGUY
    #31 are "wind scorpions" better known as camel spiders in iraq. I should know, that me standing in the backround. picture was taken in 2004 @ camp taji
  • Bhoe
    they're not awful, they're just unique...but still gave me goosebumps.
  • Tina
    I thought they were very interesting
  • Caska
    what is the name of the blue fish bird looking thing? It is really pretty.

  • john
    number 8 is PONYO!
  • Bake
    retarded post.
    these animals are beautiful in their own way.
  • 544
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  • Paco
    Where is George W. Bush?
  • George W. Bush
    wouldnt you like to know, huh?
  • Josep B
    You need a new brain, your concept of awful is a fake
  • Lulfactor
    The croc with a narrow nose is a Gharial. They're a perfectly normal species from the indian subcontinent and chances are you'll find one at your local zoo.
  • Nusesabe
    80% are beatiful animals...
  • clvrmnky
    That bull isn't natures work.

    Honestly, this is dumb.
  • wow
    What creature is the #3 photo where it's chewing on its own tail?
  • col
    i think it's a pangolin
  • ge ge
    ok so quote #31 is an idiot! i've been to Iraq and i've seen some camel spiders and aside from what he may think, they do get that big and sometimes even BIGGER!
  • zahid nawaz
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  • jhjhjkhjh
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  • Curious
    The 3rd picture is adorable! What kind of lizard is it?
  • jkhgf
    thing on the garbage can is a coconut crab
  • simplysarah
    awful???? really??? I mean ok so the insects are kinda gross but what is # 36 the blue thing I think its quite amazing....they are all quite amazing really whats awful is that people can't appreciate the difference in this world this list is great the title just sux!!!
  • Lucky
  • FizliPuzli
    Well, awefull sertanly is the wrong expression.
    Most of them actually rock :-)
  • Benji
    Wtf is in Pic 36? The Blueish thing?! It looks awesome! As do most of the rest! =)
  • WAVE
    Nudibranc from Australia
  • holy diver
    What's the name of the creature in pic 10? Saw one of those on a dive in Koh Tao, Thailand in 2008 and I've been wondering ever since, never saw one of those before and wasn't able to find a pic until now.
  • Butt
    these are reall but all of them because some are hand made pics

    yeah sab bakwass ha gandaaa dalaaaa lun moun lullanee daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • 75
  • Maxwell
    those fangs on the fishes looked wicked.wonder if there are larger species to make oceans more interesting.

    the last photo seems to be that of a giant tarantula (mind you,these species hunt small rodents)
  • cong
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    36 36 36 36
    i cant believe that there is a picture like that amhf'''amazing pictures...
  • Jamie
    The thing on the trashcan is a Coconut Crab.
  • Dudester
    Does anyone know where that bull works out at? Because I could sure use his gym membership :P
  • J
    I believe that's called a coconut crab
  • ??
    What if you never knew what is a doq , n one day you saw it , wouldnt you say it is also an awful creature ??
  • Hugo


    But, which one is real and wich is photoshop?
  • Zhanibek
    I've seen on animal planet etc. most of these animals. These crocs named gavials. and other animals I think known to anyone who read at least one book about species of animals.
  • back to life
    wow... jus killed 15 minutes sweet
  • ken fernando
    really dengerous things
  • blaablaa
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  • Nimrods
    Guys... come on :)
    Some of these are photoshops!!!

    I once saw an ant that was 15ft tall - "REALLY!!!!!!!!"
  • .none.
    Ugly or not, I bet most of them taste great......
  • Geordie
    The spider has "ten" legs belongs to a family spiders called "Sun Spiders". Tarantulas are members of this family. The tenth legs are the facial palps which have grown into limbs. n_wink
  • incoknito
    Mutanten...... n_on_the_quiet
  • Al
    I thinks its wicked to see all the different animals that there are. especially the deep sea ones or like that giant salamanda, one cant help but wonder how its managed to not be found before getting soooo huge
  • anne
    they are not awful creatures....they live on he same planet just as you and me. by far humans like us are the most awful shameful creatures.

    to the point- this list makes no sense what so ever, just some random pics of unusual creatures.:P
  • Margaret Wilson
    I, too, don't think that these animals are that awful. They are just different. The poster could have done better research so that we had names and origins of the animals. cray
  • Milou
    I must admit, I would think twice about approaching many of these animals (besides the fact that you just shouldn't approach wild animals), but to call them mistakes? That's just plain ignorant. As has been said before, the only 'mistakes' I see here, are the bulls. Even if it's a natural mutation, these bulls would've never made it in the wild, and breeding them to become more muscular over the generations is slow torture and should be illegal.
    Anyway, as the author didn't include a list of names, I was wondering what that snake-like salamander/lizard was? (Which, btw, I thought was very cute.) I'm also wondering about the blue slimey thing? It seems like some kind of sea-slug, am I right? I imagine it's beautiful in its natural habitat (coral reefs?). And towards the end, I'm wondering what that crocodile-like animal is (in a boat, hanging by a rope wrapped around its upper jaw, with its head bashed in)? And that fish, with the big teeth? And last, but not least, the animals in de tub, one looks like he's about to eat the finger (I don't think that's the case, but still). They kind of look like the shark in the picture above it, were it not that they don't have that big front head and have an eel-like tail.

    If anyone could tell me what kinds of animals these are, I would greatly appreciate that. Most important to me are the snake-like salamander/lizard and the croc-like animal with its head bashed in.
  • pedobear
    the salamander is an axolotl
  • fuck you
    you ignorant bunch of fucking cunts...

    ill tell you what the most awful creatures in nature are, and certainly not these, human beings you pathetic bunch of losers.

    the quicker unenlightened ignorant fools like you die out the happier the world will be

    41 sarcastic
  • sapi
    swoon weird animals, arent they?
  • Luke2008
    the smileys are great but some of the pictureshttp://izismile.com/2009/01/06/the_most_awful_creatures_in_nature_44_pic
  • Anonymous (:
    Aww heart Some of those are soooo cute!!
  • adsjhf;al
    YOU ARE THE MOST IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT. have fun being stupid.
  • lol
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    cray wierd

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  • abid ali
    very nice jani :))
  • JM
    The muscular bull is given injections that blocks a chemical in their body from limiting muscle growth, making the muscles constantly grow with no exercise. I forgot the name of the chemical but bodybuilders tried to get their hands on it.
  • Hellooo.
    27 they are kinda cool JC-LOL
  • dileep
    what amazing creatures. i did nt saw in my life thank u
  • Bina
    You have to be retarted to say that they are errors of nature...
  • Kedi
    lol some of them aren't that bad.. like the ones that look like pokemon :P the 2nd one with the big crab just makes me think.. DINNER! the one right after that one looks kind of cute :3 6 is freaky, 8 is so cute x3 11 makes me go WTF? o.o the one yellow underwater creature looks like it has cartoon eyes xD wonder what the blue creature on sand is.. it looks kindda funky :3 spiders in general are freaky.. and so are millipedes (apparently the freaky critters with less legs than the one that i always get the name mixed up with)
  • avatar
    GOD is greate thats wonderful and amazing
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  • hi
    clapping dash2 drinks
    if i seen that coconut crab on my garbage can i would freak out dash2 suicide i think the first one is creepy but BADASS elvis clapping
  • mrspartanlord
    omg if i seen that coconut crag i would freak out dash2 suicide,the first one is creepy but BADASS elvis clapping what is the pic before the monkey with the mowhawk the blue thing WTF IS THAT 36 36 36

    if i seen that coconut crab i would freak out dash2 suicide,the first one is creepy but BADASS elvis clapping,what is the blue one before the monkey with the mowhawk WTF IS THAT THING 36 36 36 36
  • almao
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  • Beavo Kneavo
    The thing on the trash can is a coconut crab. They suck.
  • killness
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    and by watching all of this it makes me want to drinks then dash2 and finaly suicide
  • denis
    merci de mettre des légendes sous les photos
  • really those things want me to kill my s
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  • Dark.Messenger
    Men you are the "Awful" thing here, most of this pictures sure are strange, but this because we arent custom to see such creatures, thery arent awful, this is Evolution. But that bull it must be human experiences i think -.- and the Salamander is so cute n_tongue
  • Enter your name
    u shudnt critisize you are a human too so stfu
  • james
    holly shizz nitss is that real 35 36 acute dash2 JC-LOL suicide suicide JC_OMG_sign JC_OMG_sign
  • A Fire23
    Ok First off to all those critics that don't like him calling the animals freaky... If he hadn't said that they were freaky, then how would anyone find these pics on the internet (people don't search for perfect stuff people search for strange stuff)
    Second... I think all those creatures are cool, and yes they are awesome examples of evolution
    Third some of these animals have mutations some are just regular animals, and its just human nature to think something is weird because its different
  • xee
    Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53 Laie_53
  • .
    Whoever did this is an idiot. JC_doubledown Almost all of these animals have adapted amazingly. The only exception to that is the Belgian Blue, whom I feel terribly sorry for. cray As for the rest of the animals, they are all beautiful creatures.

    Sorry, but I just have to say this: post 14, it's not octopi, it's octopuses. Look it up. n_tongue
  • Interested
    Please tell me what 12, 21 and 36 are!
    Is 12 real?
  • Whataweta
    Food food glorious food.
  • Finch
    To all those pot-smoking, guitar-playing types banging on about how beautiful each of these creatures is in its natural setting: you need to stop smoking weed and the next time your sixth string snaps please don't replace it.

    Some of these creatures are of course known species that most people will never see in the flesh, some of them are genetic 'ghosts' or throwbacks from innumerable generations past. And while they are not scary on the screen, I'm sure even you hippie types would have trouble loving many of them if they were ramming, biting, scratching, stinging or eating your face off. Creatures do that kind of thing you know.

    These things are disgusting, and if they weren't on my screen they'd be on my plate. It's the only way to be sure. :)

  • marney
    helluhhh uhh-ma-zinggg[color=#CC33CC][/color]
  • Samara
    Wow!!! everyone talking about how awful these creatures are not are hypocrites why are you even on this site if you think that all animals are created as they should be and are amazing?? It is called "The Most Awful creatures in Nature" yet you still clicked on it. Quit trying to enforce your opinion on everyone else. They where some pretty weird looking creatures and everyone thinks differently so don't insult others because they think differently it sounds stupid. Go to a beautiful, wonderful, amazing creatures site, although you will probably still find something negative to say. Thanks
  • AV
    I think so much like many of the above, the truth is that if you "writer" think that this are "ERRORS" I hope the sweet lord have mercy of you,... actually every creature in this earth is meant for a purpose, just like you and me, we are nature as well, we create a balance, the esthetic of each creature is perfectly designed for its purpose, just like you, they might seem a little "estrange" if you are looking for a word, but you must have some respect with this universe which is no less that where you live, if you don't respect someone, something (nature), expect the same for you,... so thanks for the pictures they are great!
  • LeeRoy
    We see disgusting creatures
    Japan sees money making Pokemon ideas
  • stephane
    Sorry i am not good english
    so i say it in french ouachhhh degeux c des mutants ou des POKEMON ouachhhhhh
  • amsterdam
    Go Fu ck yourself,... the most awfull creatures are we,the humans.
  • gragnar
    whats that lizard snake thing ?
  • hello                    show commment
  • Lichvalder
  • mousaey
    The lizard chewing its tail is so cute!
  • Pat Harry
    shut up all of you !!!
  • Dickhead McCohen
    Holy shit! A Guild Navigator and a Sumatran Rat Monkey! That shit is real? I saw those movies, i thought they were bullshit!
  • Caz
    The worst collection of photo manipulations I've ever seen. Anyone with just a tiny little bit of knowledge about animals knows those "photos" are absolute rubbish.

    Shame on you!
  • ur mom
    idiot they are all real animals u need the knowledge
  • MacroManatee
    Yeah, you're an idiot. These animals are all real. But you're right: you DO have only a tiny little bit of knowledge about animals, otherwise you'd be able to name at least half of these creatures.

    And you suck at spotting photo manipulation.
  • Arturo
    Errors are you and your fat stinky and retarded parents you damn bad-calved and stupid asshole who wrote this idiotic article!
    Every animal on the earth is beautiful and deserves to live.
  • MissyX

    It's a sea slug called Glaucilla Marginata

    1. I think it's a younger version of an Atlantic Horseshoe Crab but I'm not 100% sure
    2. Japanese Spider Crab
    3. Armadillo Girdled Lizard
    4. Atlantic Horseshoe Crab
    5. Marabou Stork (though I don't know what the lump is...)
    6. Baboon although I don't know which one since I believe there are several species
    7. I honestly don't have a clue
    8. Axolotl
    9. Aye Aye
    10. Don't know
    11. Belgian Blue
    12. I remember seeing this one on various websites but don't know the name
    13. Coconut Crab
    14. I think it's a Giant Squid...
    15. Giant Squid
    16. Don't know
    17. A deepsea creature but don't know the name
    18. Dumbo Octopus
    19. Another Dumbo Octopus
    20. Watusi Bull with exeptionally large horns (this one's particular name is Lurch)
    21. Frilled Shark
    22. Gharial
    23. Goblin Shark
    24. No idea
    25. Obviously bird chicks but don't know which ones
    26. Another Aye Aye
    27. Sunfish
    28. Seems like a very large spider
    29. Amazonian Giant Centipede I think
    30. Camel Spider
    31. Naked Mole Rat (and looks like she's pregnant)
    32. 33. 34. I don't have a clue
    35. Glaucilla Marginata (not a fish but a sea slug and very beautiful indeed)
    36. Cantor's Giant Softshell Turtle
    37. King Crab
    38. Giant Tigerfish or Hydrocynus Goliath
    39. 40. Don't know
    41. I think it's another Dumbo Octopus

    I do hope this list is helpful, as for the title of this topic...I don't agree that these animals are awful or mistakes of nature. I love nature and I think these animals have developped amazing hunting techniques and survival skills. We should study these animals in their natural environments and learn from them but I don't think they are mistakes of nature

    I just noticed a little mistake, numbers 22 and 23 are both Gharial
    Sorry folks! =D
  • col
    excellent list, you know your creatures! Let me add some, and make some comments... i will use the numbers in gthe original pictures, as i notice yours had slipped a little by the end

    3. excellent.. i was thinking pangolin, but you're exactly right!
    6. i think it's a geleda baboon
    7. might be a sharp-ribbed salamander
    10. looks like some kind of mudskipper to me
    12. never seen anything like it
    16. me neither!
    17. glass squid
    25. no idea, either :-s
    26. i think are eagle chicks, but don't know which species
    28. from body shape i would guess some type of nephila, but i don't recognise the colour/markings
    33. two-legged worm lizard
    35. maybe another nephila, or perhaps a sea-spider
    37. can't really tell.. maybe a capuchin?
    42. titan beetle
    43. trapdoor spider

    i agree with you as far as the title of the topic goes :)
  • 123
  • williedont
    Even nature sometimes makes errors? And this series of pictures proves it well? what a crack of shit! GOOD design dont have to be beautiful just efficient. we humans are the only ones to destroy things for no reason at all. who are the ugly ones!
  • Dicky
    Beautiful. The Earth is such a wonderful place to live with all the diversity, colour and shape one could imagine. Absolutely beautiful.
  • sadhamcdm
    suberb collection
  • (ლინდონ)
    the thing on the garbage can is a coconut crab. its a type of hermit crab actually and can grow quite large and strong enouch to husk coconuts
  • PigeonTom
    I see that Pikachu made the list!!
  • bien
    sobhan lah
  • wyne
    Im a biologist and I do not agree that these things are the most aweful one, they're unique and quite very interesting to study., they're all real!!
  • jack
    the alligator is an indian one
  • MJ
    pretty sure its a coconut crab
  • Kev
    Thank you for that little photographic exhibit, it was quite interesting. Now for extra illumination, would we be able to get some text with those pictures, particularly the type that tells us what we're looking at, where it came from, et cetera?
  • girackano
    i think who ever posted this thinks nature is icky. they should rename it 'animals im scared of'.
  • ANNE
    those huge spiders really grossed me out! I'm only gonna look at cute fluffy animals in future...yuk..i still feel sick!
  • RichardLuzT
    I was horny.
    Now I'm not.
  • merp

  • incognito562
    the creater smoked a few bluts i guess....-_-
  • kuri
    uhhhhh. quick question, if they r soooooo deadly, y the H-E double hocky sticks r people holding them?
  • seastone
    To me 3, 8, 36 look awesome!
  • SBS
  • Anonymaws
    awful creatures?
    what do you mean?
    they're not
    infact they are awesome
    stop repeating pictures though
    1. horseshoe crab (maybe)
    2.Spider crab
    3. dont know
    4.is number 1
    5. i believe it is photoshopped unless there is a gene mutation
    6. probably photoshopped
    7. forgot what this is, but it is found in japan
    8.dunno, saw this on nat geo, it doesnt grow big
    9. probably a bat
    10. dunno, photoshopped or mutant
    11. dunno
    12. dunno, its real
    13. this is called a coconut crab
    14 & 15qw is just a giant squid or something
    16. dunno, maybe a maggot or something
    17-19 creatures found in the "twilight" zone or the deepest part of the ocean
    20. photoshopped, look at the shadow, if it's that big, the shadow will be visible
    21 frill shark some how rare
    22 and 23 is real, forgot what it is
    24 25 is also real
    26 fake, eyes of owls are supposed to have a "shine" like every eye has
    27 normal bat that was being crushed in the hand developing a weird expression
    28 sunfish (gigantic)
    29 i dont know
    30 centipede...
    31 photoshopped this thing is real but not that big, its a spider
    32 ummmm the mole in kim possible also known as rat mole
    33 real, forgot
    34 dont know
    35 dont know
    36 glaucus atlanticus removed from water
    37 monkey but... A SUPER FUNKEH CHINESE MONKEY ahem...
    38 soft shelled turtle
    39 fake
    40 - 44 real, the crocodile is kinda mutated

  • Exterminal
    The poster of this page is a terribly sad person; I don't understand, in the least, how any of these creatures are awful.

    They're all gorgeous examples of how evolution works, and the poster should really be ashamed of his or herself.
    The only error here is the brain of the guy who posted those pics. Seriously, go back to school, dumbfuck.
  • d
    several of these have been made through selective breeding and half of them aren't even creepy
  • Metal
    Damn, did that snake have arms?

    Anyone know what 16 is?
  • capans                    show commment
  • Pwnly
    Axolotls are not awful! They're the most adorable creatures in nature, in my opinion!
  • MysteryGuy
    Number at is just a pre-form a salamanda and I thin it's quite cute lol it is even smiling and 41 looks like a monkey with a mo-hawk nothing is wrong with these creature sure some might look freaky and scary but that's just nature doing it's thing and trust me there are alot more of creature that are just a scary down in the deep blue and there's possibly a civilization of freaky creatures down there that are smarter then us (especially if they can make a civilization down there)
  • ;o
  • ...
    lol, some of these creatures are known as;
    Bullus Shittus, another name for them is;
    Photo Shoppus
  • wde
  • julana
    Wow, can u imagine that!!!!! "that squid thingi was like the worlds biggest one! OMG!!!!!!!!!! One of them looked like a magical creature!!! This is the worst creatures in the whole nature!!!
  • kentj
    evolution is a joke.
    ANd there should be 1 billion strange parts on animals that do NOTHING

    mutations are random. 1 in a billion are useful.. but some of the NON-Useful ones HAD To be functional and at least continue in the dna of the species.

    There are practically NO vestigal mutations.
  • Dennis
    The Belgian Blue Bulls are bred with a naturally occurring Myostatin deficiency, due to a genetic mutation.
  • JB
    Awful? Not at all, I think they're amazing. Who are we to judge?

  • badd
    how can you call some of them mistakes? shame on you.
  • :D
    picture 8 is epic looks like an animal from future who gona make the apocalypse happebd
  • Cheryl Merrill
    Actually the men are the worst, the most dangerous, the most vile. Their shit stinking civilization will be brought to ruin.
  • MX
    OMG ! ! ! =P
  • Ricky C.
    The beauty of life isn't physical sometimes. Now all of those examples above are some pretty scary looking lifeforms, but that's life, you know. Everything can't look beautiful. You can't know what beauty is without some uglyness to provide the contrast.
  • shpendimsn
    ahhaha no
  • thatsamguy
    Those are camel spiders. Note the plural. Camel spider A is biting camel spider B, no surprise. Spider B is being held on to by the guy, and if you notice. The spider is no bigger than his sleeve. When I was in Iraq yes you could find them that big, and bigger. What I would like to know is what is creature #36 and #41. Especially 36
  • Krista
    All them things are sooooooooooooooo discusting
  • bob
    47 - Michael Jackson Monkey
  • 很好,很强大
  • Mehr Jaan
    Ye sub ALLAH PAK ki naia Hoi Makhlook hain
  • Marlene
    the pretty blue thing everyone is asking about is a bluebottle sea slug.
    i was on the beach last year and a whole bunch of them were on the surface of the water. they are really small!
    they usually get washed up to shore when it's really windy.
  • Marianne
    You should have written the name of each creature in the pictures!
  • rold
    that makes each one of them very unique! i like animals no matter how strange they are. we just don't know them that really well but I'm pretty sure they are just as significant creatures as others are!
  • frytrh
    crap, stupid research I am going to watch a dumb moive to have fun.
  • smita
    getting scared ........but amazing
  • malcolm
  • Ash Ketchum
    OMG these pokemons!
  • UnceUnce
    Few of them looked like Pokemons. lol :P
  • smitch
    the thing on the garbage can is a robber crab.
  • James
    @16...no, it is a Belgian Blue Bull. They have a natural mutation of the gene that codes for myostatin, which is a protein that counteracts muscle growth. They're not genetically engineered by humans....
  • JoeBob
    Come on, #8 is cute as shit with that lil grin. And #9 is cool. And #36, I wanna smoke a bowl and chill with him on my couch. He looks like a cool motherfucker.
  • Timewaster
    Not one name on the list.Very educational.

    When do I get my jump?It says,after the jump.What jump?
  • yh
    some of these arnt made by nature for example the giant cow is made form us only breeding cows with a growth defect so they become massive
  • Gary
    Picture 31 is a fake .
  • evolution
    i guess the author doesn't understand evolution or nature. "errors"??? and they think the pictures "prove" it? wow - time to go back to biology class - if you think those are errors, then so too is the human mind, and everything else about every organism ever - except the cute/pretty ones??? but thanks for the great pictures of some rare animals (to my western eyes).
  • rebekah
    hey, some of these are cute!
  • Person That You Don't Know
    I thought they where pretty cool. Yes I'm a chick and I thought they where AWESOME.
  • erica
    some of these actually got me to cringe, which is hard to do. like all of them except for a couple
  • Flyin-V
    Some of Nature trying to adapt to mans unNaturel in'volvement to the Earth.Whos next ?
  • steph
    i have severe archnaphobia and now im all paranoid
  • EmilyE87
    2.) japanese spider crab.
    3.) armadillo lizard.
    7.) japanese giant salamander.
    13.) coconut crab.
    22.) gharial.
    24.) the goblin shark.
    33.) ajolote.
    36.) nudibranch.
    38.) giant soft shelled turtle.

  • bajjjjjja
    hmmmm tak to je docela krutý XD =D
  • spanky ham
    The Belgian Blue is a man made animal.
  • Kelsey!!!
    Surprisingly enough, I have one of those animals, I have the Axolotl ( the pink thing, with the funny things coming out of it's head) These animals, are all because of evolution, In one of the comments someone put that this site was for retards!!! F**k off is it!!! These animals are part of our world DEAL WITH IT . . . Jackass!!!
  • 1
    wow just wow
  • Emily
    I hate how you've put them on display like this as horrible and disgusting. Personally, i think they are beautiful.
  • Lesina
    6. The creature going into the garbage can for food is a coconut crab from Australia.
  • Fail
    This list is truly fail. All those creatures are COMMON and are nearly extinct for being so different. Seen some of these myself and have even DINED on them.

    Do a better list next time because GOD didn't make mistake. People are the ones killing them off and making them so rare they seem different.
  • Z
    I agree mostly with "guy," but humans are also highly evolved, beautiful in our own way, and earth won't last foreve... But maybe humans will... At least, I hope. Plus, if we weren't so cruel, we'd be extinct by now. Also, what's the name of the snake with arms? I would love to wiki-it.
  • 7899
    there not that groosss
  • Jon Doidge
    number 3 and 19 are just beautiful no mistake about them in fact none of them are mistakes :)
  • D
    Strange.. no pictures of man there
  • Yeah
    Ive gotta congratulate these creatures xD theyre evolving O.o....some of them made me shudder, but hey, theyre awesome in their own way! :D
  • sexy adult costume
    wow, that is amazing. my god. what a creature.
  • mahir
    go east go west ALLAH iz da best
  • jacobap
    number 34 is a giant isopod
  • Blue
    I wish people would stop saying that #1 is a horseshoe crab.
    I'm sorry, but it's clearly a triop. I've raised them before.

    Although, to me, #12 is kind of cute... Anyone know the name?
  • CF&VJ
    #16 is a mini Headcrab.
  • EarleyDaysYet
    #12, #40 - anyone know the names of these?
  • brad
    these creatures are prety cool. the spider is cool too. but it freaks the hell out of me ;(
  • priit
    wers justin bieber?
  • travis
    that was awsome
  • JesseeJJ

    Its much more plausible to believe that there is someone sitting in a cloud that thought, fuck it I'ma create a planet.
  • Zala Nixie Pixie
    Awww 19 is so cuuteee
  • RB
    I hope you could give us the names of these creatures. I really want to know them because they are cute =)
  • Chonny
    They did capture the most terrible creatures on the planet in pictures 2,11,14,20,29 and 40.
  • TG
    come on guys, these animals are beautiful in their own environment, yes. but at the same time, you are being hypocrites by calling the poster awful. i am sure that he/she is just as beutiful in his/her environment. just because they do not share your opinion on the subject does not mean that you can go and tell them they are wrong. it is an OPINION. which means that they are allowed to believe different than you.

    grow up
  • niggas in the crib
    yo wassup

    niggas in the crib
  • Enter your name
    mid blowing ...

  • anonymous
    they can hear and see what your visually thinking

    the reason alot of asians have completely expressionless faces, only associate with asians and dont associate with non asians very much is to avoid accidentally revealing that they can read read minds, if all over a billion asians were to show facial expressions all the time just as much as non asians, associate with non asians much more, and be much more friendly and talkative, then alot of them might accidentally reveal that they can read minds by accidentally showing a facial expression or dirty look when someone thinks, or visually pictures something in their mind they dont like or find astonishing or funny, and if they were all to associate with non asians alot more there would be alot more people around for them to accidentally show facial expressions when those other people think things they dont like, so they only associate with asians so there wont be anyone around for them to see that and have any accidents happen in the first place

    think about it, its not normal how alot of them act, and the entire way they act is all to hide their mind reading abilities, it makes perfect sense to do all of that to hide that they can read minds, because all of that is the perfect way to do it!
    every single asian on the planet is hiding their mind reading abilities, they value hiding their mind reading abilities more then their own lives!
    thats why nobody knows about it!

    try thinking, best yet visually picturing in your mind something something absolutely crazy as you possibly can when you are around asians, and try looking for asians who give people particular looks, especially dirty looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, that is them giving people looks when they hear and visually see someone thinking something they dont like, find funny or astonishing
    it still happens despite a large number of them having completely expressionless faces all the time, it would just happen alot more if none of them had completely expressionless faces all the time, its not uncommon!

    i know this sounds crazy, impossible, and completely unbelievable, BUT IT ISNT CRAZY WHEN ITS TRUE

    you have to spread the message!!!
    the world has to know about this!!!!
  • TiredOfLosers
    To everyone saying how awful, disgusting, blah blah these creatures are. Stop to think that these creatures have developed to this formation for a purpose, enhancing their senses to hunt/survive and no doubt reproduce. Its definately NOT mother natures fk ups, but more adapting these creatures to their different habitats. I'd love to have number 3 kicking around my property, its the most awesome looking lizard I ever seen :D And no doubt a little fiesty when wanted lol
  • ping.pong
    what makes #19 awful? its kinda cute.
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  • Enter your name
    where is justen beaver lol
  • pedobear
  • hannahking
    these animals are NOT creepy disgusting they are beautiful pic number 28 is a sunfish and they r beautiful up close they eat jellyfish so u should not be calling it awful it is doing the world a kindness
  • Enter your name
    like that get out of pokémon
  • norwegian
    to those of you that don't know. the cow is a result of human interference and gene manipulation.

    that type of cow/bull is bred to take on massive amounts of high quality meat, but it lives its entire life in pain and agony because it's own body weight is too big. that poor thing can't do much else then stand and eat from when it's very young and until it dies.

    even lying down to sleep is a risk with no way to guarantee it can ever stand up again without help from people.
  • wow
    you guys are the thing which is awful. obviously this is the most awful creatures in nature, you can see that for yourself. it's a catchy title which gets your attention, and there are some horrible in appearance and dangerous creatures in there. who the fuck are you guys to just disown your species like you have? like it of not, you are a human. you're going to have to learn to accept this, otherwise, well, there's not much else you can do, because you're a human, and you're going to need to accept this.
  • Anonymous
    Damn nature you scary
  • jazzy
    really shocking....we need to pay more attention to those animals....
  • Anonymous
    poor guy
  • joshna
    amazing creatures.....should mention there name.....
  • dandi1511
    most of them is photoshop
  • shadowfox
    the last 10 legged spider is really 2 spiders ok shesh and their not as deadly as u think they have fangs but no venom they are more like scorpians than a spider
  • C-man 37
    these are not all awful the little lizard with pinks necklace thingy is an axolotle, and i used to have some babies THEY ARE NOT AWFUL
  • lkgbv
    Write your comment here...
  • the hunt
    what animal is in photo 2
  • Tiana
    it would have been better if they had names...
  • Tyson
    i love the 8th creature,19th creature and the 28th creature :)

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