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4 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day   20 Feb 2009   / 1555 views

Your mission is to move Achilles through the 15 stages and kill all ancient Greek warriors and defeat each Boss at the end of each level. Use the arrows or WASD to walk around. Press T or 4 to swipe and Y or 5 to kick. You can block spears and arrows with your shield by pressing down key

Risky Rider
The goal for you is to beat each level safely and earn as much money as you can. In this game, you can use up/down arrow keys to accelerate or brake. Use left and right arrow keys to rotate. You can do cool tricks to maximize your score with Space, Z, X, C or V

Fire and Ice
Fire and Ice is an adventure game, in which you will be an embodiment of ice or fire. The goal is to complete levels as fast as possible and achieve maximum score points. You can use left/right keys to move forward/backward and use up key to jump on enemies’ heads to knock them out or press space bar to shoot them

20 Lockers Room Escape
You are locked up in a locker room. You will have to escape from the room by using the objects and hints. Good Luck!

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