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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   19 May 2009   / 15708 views

Nothing much happened during the day.
We are still working on fixing minor bugs that have appeared since our last improvements on the site.
There’re even more active commentators each day. Way to go )
Well, everything’s fine and we continue having fun till Friday.
Don’t forget to look at the selection of users’ content ;)

Two UK Soccer Stars Join Chrome Mercedes SLR McLaren Craze
Arsenal Defender William Gallas paid $535,000 for this chrome Mercedes SLR McLaren. He's not the only English footballer. Blackburn Rovers Striker Ello Hadji Diouf paid $642,000 for his.
The two were clearly looking for some way to separate themselves from all their plain SLR-owning colleagues. Thierry Henry also drives the top-of-the-range Mercedes, as do Claude Makelele and Wayne Rooney, who paid for his with royalties from Shrek the Third. Clickable.

4 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Fridge for guys.
Mmm, not bad ) Clickable.

Funny gif animations:

A new collection of bathtubs designed to look like women's shoes have gone on sale.
The tubs cost up to £17,000. The user reclines with their feet at the toe end of the shoe and their head towards the heel.
Water trickles from a jet at the heel.
7 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Katy Perry is as usual…Katy Perry )
8 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Thousands of Minis took to the road to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Mini at the annual London to Brighton run.

An actor in make-up before the shooting of a horror movie scene.
10 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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Beautiful and charming Alessandra Ambrosio. 9 ictures are waiting for you after the jump

17 Curiosities and bonus pictures

18 Curiosities and bonus pictures

19 Curiosities and bonus pictures

20 Curiosities and bonus pictures

21 Curiosities and bonus pictures

22 Curiosities and bonus pictures

23 Curiosities and bonus pictures

24 Curiosities and bonus pictures

25 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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