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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   25 May 2009   / 13696 views

1 Curiosities and bonus pictures
2 Curiosities and bonus pictures
3 Curiosities and bonus pictures
4 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Hi there!!
Have a nice working day and, of course, enjoy your time on Izi )
As it is a day off for Americans, so they are going to enjoy only the second part – a good time on Izi ;)))
One, two, three…Go.
Noting extraordinary happened this weekend, apart that I went to see Wolverine to the cinema. Well, I liked it and it made me think of one video we posted several days ago that made me laugh hard. You can watch it HERE, of course if you haven’t seen it before ))
I forgot to tell you. This weekend we’ve been working on some important texts for our visitors.
Those who are interested in it, you are welcome to read them. The others can skip it and go directly view the Curiosities )
First About Izismile
Second Our Privacy Policy
And third Disclaimer
That’s all. See you tomorrow!

The image you see below is the 2010 Olympic torch for Vancouver.
It looks an awful lot like a joint, but there are so many other things it could be.
5 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Kung fu-trained barber Wang Xiaoyu cuts hair while standing on his head in Changsha, China, in a bid to attract more business.
6 Curiosities and bonus pictures
7 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Cannes. Clickable.

Funny gif animations:

Funny Vern Troyer ))
11 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Niemi posing with their dogs.
Just to remind you that Patrick is fighting cancer.
12 Curiosities and bonus pictures

A cloud which looks like Britain was caught on camera by Jessica Wild.
13 Curiosities and bonus pictures

The costume and a baby carriage in case of chemical or gas attack during the years of the second world war.
14 Curiosities and bonus pictures

15 Curiosities and bonus pictures

To attract people’s attention and make them dial the number of a sex hot line, they put this strange and unusual flier which stated that a TANK was lost somewhere in Brooklyn and people were asked to contact the ARMY if they had any information about its whereabouts. Clickable.

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Paris Hilton – classy as usual…5 pictures in the following of the Curiosities

25 Curiosities and bonus pictures

26 Curiosities and bonus pictures

27 Curiosities and bonus pictures

28 Curiosities and bonus pictures

29 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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