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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   29 May 2009   / 7153 views

My greetings with this fabulous day called FRIDAY :)

The weekend is almost here. Be strong!
Do you have plans for this evening? I bet you have ;))
A few words about the site.
Last week, we have grown up and now we have almost 1800 registered visitors.
For all time of site’s existence, you wrote 15600 comments.
On this positive note, I wish you a great weekend and a nice Friday night ;)
Have fun and see you on Monday!

Customs officials unload £30m of cocaine from a lorry in France.
The cocaine was tightly packed into crates.
The driver and the passenger denied knowing anything about the cocaine, but said they had been delivering their load to London, which is at the centre of the largest cocaine trade in Europe. Clickable.

Funny gif animations:

3 Curiosities and bonus pictures

4 Curiosities and bonus pictures

A Chinese woman suffering from chronic headaches discovered she had had a 3.3 cm long bullet lodged in her face, next to her ear, for 42 years!
When doctors showed the 65-year-old the pictures she told them she had no idea how the bullet could have got there. Then she recalled being injured during China's Cultural Revolution in 1967 when someone fired a pistol next to her head during a protest. Clickable.

7 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Look at this cat with furry wings!
Animal experts have been left baffled by the fluffy white moggy, who was born normal - but began growing wing-shaped appendages on either side of his spine when he was just a year old. Some experts believe the bony 'wings' are in fact a freak mutation - a Siamese twin growing inside the kitty. Others think the mutation may be genetic, caused by chemicals during his mother's pregnancy. Whatever the answer is, the cat doesn’t seem to mind…Clickable.

Spanish matador Israel Lancho is gored after trying to kill a bull during the San Isidro Festival at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid.

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And here's the game.
Only for tennis lovers.

17 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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he he he... very funny... i won hands down..
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