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Palaces of Saddam Hussein (32 pics) - Picture #31

Posted in Pictures   2 Jun 2009   / 683 views

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Jeanne 4 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
All I can say is War is Hell. What beautiful palaces and architecture to be so destroyed. From what I've read, Saddam Hussein had reason to attack Kuwait after they ran their pipelines into Iraq soil and withdrew oil from their fields. The atrotcities played on his own people by his sons (maybe under orders from him, or most likely) caused damage to his people and ultimately to himself. I believe at one time, he was an ally to the U.S. What happened? We know it was terrorists from Saudi Arabia that caused the fall of our World Trade buildings and the death of so many. Now we know how ruthless (in the name of Allah) radical muslims can be. We need our service men and women to come home now! I have two grandsons serving in this mess!
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