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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   4 Jun 2009   / 6175 views

It’s the penultimate working day )
This week was a little difficult for us, we’ve done lots of working on the technical part of the site.

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I’m still waiting for the SELECTION of your submitted photos and videos. Send me them by using this FORM
So far, there’s very little content. If you send me more, I will do the Selection next week )
That’s it )
See you!

Tiananmen Square massacre 20 years on 5 June 1989: A lone demonstrator stands down a column of tanks at the entrance to Tiananmen Square, the morning after troops fired upon students who had been protesting in the square.
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2 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Funny gif animations:

A $2 Million 1995 McLaren F-1 Coupe was destroyed today after the engine caught fire. The owner had not driven the car in 6 months which probably explains why it had engine problems. There were only about 100 Mclaren F1's produced and at least 6 have been destroyed in crashes. This one happened on Airport Blvd in Santa Rosa, CA.

5 Curiosities and bonus pictures

U.S. women's basketball team, 1910.
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7 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Story: a guy parked his car anyhow in front of the apartment building and very often at night its alarm went off. One day, people were fed up with the alarm, and when it went off again, somebody threw a dumbbell. You can see the result of it.

Christina Aguilera in a sexy dress for the ALMA Awards (4 pics)

Edward Scissorhands must have done that ;) (14 pics)

Paris Hilton at Mardan Palace Launch (7 pics)

Living Rock – Massive monuments sculpted in situ (13 pics)

Leona Lewis (9 pics)

Some promotional photos for the new Harry Potter are waiting for you in the Curiosities. We will only remember Emma Watson..

13 Curiosities and bonus pictures

14 Curiosities and bonus pictures

15 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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17 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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promotional doesn't work :/
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Harry who?
ah . . . Emma
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Some of us much prefer Daniel Radcliffe, helllo!