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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   10 Jun 2009   / 11931 views

50% of the week passed by quickly, let’s hope that the next half will pass quickly as well.
There’s nothing to say much today ) See you tomorrow.
Truthfully yours
Admin ;)

Exactly 75 years ago – June 9, 1934, Donald Fauntleroy Duck was born.
He first appeared in the Silly Symphonies cartoon The Wise Little Hen.
That’s how he looked like.
1 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Barack Obama in 1980’s, student years. Clickable.

Funny gif animations:

Very strange story. I think it’s fake )
To see the photos, click on the image.

Weird ad...
6 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Interesting image which shows national debt by country.
I didn’t know that Japan is a big debtor as well as the United States.

And this is a real website of one company. Very cool idea )

8 Curiosities and bonus pictures

STOCKHOLM (Reuters) - Sweden's Pirate Party, striking a chord with voters who want more free content on the Internet, won a seat in the European Parliament, early results showed on Sunday.
The Pirate Party captured 7.1 percent of votes in Sweden in the Europe-wide ballot, enough to give it a single seat. The party wants to deregulate copyright, abolish the patent system and reduce surveillance on the Internet.

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New photos of t.A.T.u (8 pics)

Anna Kournikova (6 pics)

Siberian carmageddon - The purpose of the race: crash the enemy’s car (31 pics)

Lindsay Lohan exiting Cuckoo club in London. It seems she had lot of fun (10 pics)

POP's 'Stash – a funny and simple idea (6 pics)

Today, inside the curiosities, 2 beautiful creatures are waiting for you. It’s Kelly Brook in bikini and a lovely blonde (7 pics)

14 Curiosities and bonus pictures

15 Curiosities and bonus pictures

16 Curiosities and bonus pictures

17 Curiosities and bonus pictures

18 Curiosities and bonus pictures

19 Curiosities and bonus pictures

20 Curiosities and bonus pictures

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