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Curiosities and bonus pictures

Posted by sym in Random » Curiosities   29 Jun 2009   / 7260 views

How are you?
I had a great weekend: had a great rest, watched Transformers. In short, I had a good time.

The new working week is ahead and a lot of energy will be needed )

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3 Curiosities and bonus pictures

This cute doggy Miss Millie won on the ugliest dog contest. Clickable.

According to the BBC, Russian energy firm Gazprom and the Nigerian state oil company are forming a new joint business venture. The company is to be called "Nigaz".
Funny picture on the topic ))

Elephants painted in black and white were paraded at the Ayutthaya elephant camp, north of Bangkok, Friday to commemorate the birth of a panda cub at the Chiang Mai Zoo.
The May 27 birth occurred after years of artificial insemination and efforts to get its celibate parents to mate, triggering a national craze for the animals.

Funny gif animations:

Interesting scheme that explains why cheap airlines are so cheap. Clickable.

Prisoners at the island province of Cebu in central Philippines dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller to pay tribute to the music icon.
10 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Hungary was flooded. Clickable.

Two-year-old Tong Liangliang began smoking at the age of 18 months. He is now on a packet of cigarettes a day.
15 Curiosities and bonus pictures

Do you know why Michael Bay is considered a great movie director?
Because all his movies gave in worldwide gross profit not less then $200,000. And a total profit from the 7 movies was over 3 billion dollars.
Cool guy, isn’t he? ) Clickable.

17 Curiosities and bonus pictures

A lamb with five legs and six feet was born on a Tahmoor farm on June 14.

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