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  2. Negative_One
    I feel really bad for people who have this, however my vision is very bad as well, but I can see colors.
  3. Thy King
    There are many forms of color blindness. This one seems to not be able to see red all that wel..

    Thankfully i do not have this. I can see all colors just fine.
  4. rustriver
    The grapes look like blueberries :0
  5. stevillusion
    i'm redgreen colourblind (not severely), and i can see every colour that anyone else can see... but it's when you have multiple colours together or near each other that my brain has trouble distinguishing between which colour is which. i don't see red as green and green as red. a pale red rose in a dull green grass patch will blend in, not disappear.
  6. diegopol
  7. a.w.t
    love colors
  8. severe_009
    ohw... atleast your still lucky #5 not to have a severe color blindness...
  9. sasanka7
    wow n_sad n_sad n_sad
  10. marquella
    Everyone sees colors differently and every color blind person sees colors differently as well. My son is color blind but can see red. He can't differentiate between dark colors (navy, brown, black) but can see shades of colors that sometimes I can't even see. He can't tell the difference between blue and purple. But, it's different for every color blind person, this is only an example of what a few color blind people view, NOT THE MAJORITY. It's almost unheard of to only see in black,white and gray, it's extremely rare to be that color blind.
    Read "The Island of the Color Blind" by Oliver Sacks.
  11. lalallala
    JC_OMG_sign n_wassat n_wassat n_recourse n_recourse
  12. Josephine321
    Oh my Lord i can not believe how many innocent people have to live with this illness it's unbelievable i just want to say keep your head held high and keep smiling xxx
  13. Enter your name
    i just showed these pictures to little brother who is colourblind. he said each picture on the left looks the same as the one on the right. this makes me feel so sad and sorry for him.
  14. Fahmmi
    Oct21 Excellent post! Tons of useful iooirmatnfn. I care for miniature australian shepherds in Florida. These dogs are incredibly smart and hard working. They love to work all day then kick back with the family every night. We definitely enjoy their company.
  15. Elnoore
    did Trash the Dress session the very next day, which you can see right here ! They were aosblute blast to shoot and i enjoyed every minute of working with this great
  16. Siddhi
    Those are so awesome. I am smug about our mild wetnirs and lack of ice and snow, but your Fall puts ours to shame. We simply don't get to experience beauty like this. Gorgeous photos, I'm seething with Fall jealousy.Sorry to hear about your computer! Hope you are back online very quickly.
  17. Omolara
    I am the ggranddaughter of Myron C. Peters and Delphine Della Washburn. They lived in Sterling, NY and Hannibal, NY. They are buerid in Fairdale Cemetery. I am trying to track any records you might have. We live in NC now but will be up in Syracuse, NY later this spring. I'm also searching for John & Mary Peters, parents of Myron C. Peters, born in England. Any ideas of where to search would be appreciated.
  18. Enter your name
    Thanks for the images, I can now show my friends how I see the world! :)
  19. Enter your name
    oh wow
  20. tongue monkey
    " The photos on the left - is the way color blind people see the colors and right on the right – people who has no color vision deficiency. The difference is immense. "

    That is wrong, the photons on the right is the way color blind people see, unless I'm a color blind myself and haven't noticed
  21. heather2lovestriston
    It is so nice to finally see how my boyfriend see's the world...we were actually playing around with the images and he was telling how he see's the pics, however it is offending to him and to me when everyone just feels "sorry" for the people that have this.. My boyfriend has never let this become a handicap or felt sorry for himself.. I'm so proud of him.

    I still can't see an orange golf ball in the grass
  22. dorkulon
    Left. Right. Look them up.

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