Fetishists come up with plenty of things a pony play, sometimes they have horses, only not usual ones ;)
And here is another strange couple. I don’t know who they are or what exactly they are doing, one thing is for sure, they are little perverts :)

Strange couple (7 pics)

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Here is an interesting hobby. I wonder how many years this man spent to collect such a huge collection?
Anyways, I think it is good when someone has a hobby which doesn’t get annoying very quickly ))

Room of a comics fan (22 pics)
Extreme pogo is a very young sport, but what Fred is able to do on his pogo stick seems unreal.
Jumping over a car, making flips and other stunts look fairly easy at first glance, but it can be reached thanks to a serious training and a whole bunch of injuries.
On one photo, we can see by Fred’s face what efforts he has to do to achieve desired results.

Fred Grzybowski - the world's top extreme pogo artist (14 pics)

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Maybe the largest in the world… actually, I don’t even know where it is situated and I have no details so if anyone has some information, just write a comment. )
Anyway, this one, even if it’s not the biggest, is really long and I wouldn’t be against to try this out…
More pics inside.

One huge playgroung slide (6 pics)

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Look at what those fishermen caught? A real monster.
As impressive by its size as by its aspect. I don’t know what species it is, but there is a lot to eat…
Other fish on the boat look so ridiculously small in comparison.

Unusual catch (3 pics)

When Penguins Attack!! TD - Save the human race from the onslaught of the evil warmongering penguins in the crazy new tower defense game. Features: Path finding AI - Open Battlefields - Visual Upgrades on Towers - Unlockable Achievements – Medals - Custom Graphics Engine. Use the mouse to purchase, place and upgrade towers.
When Penguins Attack!! TD

Huje Tower is an addicting puzzle game with real world physics, similar to World of Goo. Build a tower using funny little bacteria to reach the line. Try to complete four different chapters and all 40 levels to set a top score.
Huje Tower

Jumpix 2 - Having balls is not enough! You also have to guide the through 3D mazes in the sequel to the skill game Jumpix. Use arrows to move and space to jump.
Jumpix 2
This incident took place in Tallinn, Estonia. The driver of a BMW SUV, as it turned out, was under the influence of drugs and crashed into a pole.
Then he began to fight with random people witnessed the accident, because they did not let him walk away.
Despite the fact that the driver is a Thai boxer and takes part in competitions of a very high level, the passers-by could give him a rebuff and retain him until the police arrived.

Interesting car accident (9 pics)

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Curiosities and bonus pictures
Hi everyone!
We have little changes on the site.
First of all we changed our way of posting the content. Starting from today, we will only have 5 best videos of the day and 2 of the best games. But it is only a test, so if it’s not gonna work good, we will return to the old model of posting videos and games. So, if you don’t like our new system, just write about it here in the comments.
Thank you for your attention.

About stars and celebs
Curiosities and bonus pictures
Angelina Jolie with her kids (8 pics)

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Gisele Bundchen pregnant? (7 pics)

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Picture gallery of Miley Cyrus in her Wonder World Tour (12 pics)

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Ciara in a sexy black tank top (9 pics)

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Denise Milani hot and beautiful (7 pics)

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Jessica Biel without make up is still gorgeous (7 pics)

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This woman agreed to have a permanent tattoo of GoldenPalace.com URL for 15 thousand dollars.

Bonus pictures

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How to repair an air conditioner (12 pics)

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Lada tuning (8 pics)

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Sport cars from Frankfurt auto show (17 pics)

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International London Tattoo Convention (17 pics)

Funny gif animations:
After the jump you will see pictures of the photographer known as Boogie, who travels around the world in search of interesting shots.
Gangs of Brooklyn, skinheads of Belgrade and other. Take a look.
Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, 2003.

In search of a great picture (17 pics)
This story takes place in a Russian town. The dwellers of this house sent a letter to the local newspaper in which they complain about the poor quality of the services. Apparently the workers took planks of the nearby benches to repair the floors and did not even finish the job.
They complain about other stuff like corpses of dogs and cats floating in the nearby river for weeks and also about a big icicle above the entrance…etc.
The truth is that the house would require more than repairing just the floor; I even have some difficulties to imagine people living in there…

One house that would deeply need some maintenance (15 pics)
Here is a cool collection of movie poster mashups, another series of great photo manipulation. You will see what would give Han Solo in a James Bond movie or Tinkerbell in Pulp Fiction…etc.
Creative and amusing, so don’t miss it!

Cool movie poster mashups (39 pics)