Crush The Castle – Players Pack: the resistance has spread further and the King is not happy. He has ordered you once again to crush all resistance to help expand his territory. Crush castle after castle by wiping out each of its inhabitants with your large Trebuchet. Win medals for crushing the castle using the least amount of projectiles, unlock new secret projectiles, and share you castles faster and easier than ever before.
Crush The Castle – Players Pack

Just Avoid It! is a simple mouse avoiding game that eventually turns out to be.. well, not so simple. As the game progresses, you'll find yourself in gradually more difficult situations, and eventually in seemingly impossible ones.
Just Avoid It
Oktoberfest is one of the most famous festivals in the world.
And if we talk about beer festivals, it is the world’s largest one.
The Munich Oktoberfest, traditionally, takes place during the sixteen days up to and including the first Sunday in October.
This year, the Munich Oktoberfest will take place from September 19 to October 4. More than six million people are awaited to attend the event.
The festival will last for about 2 weeks, so I think this is not the last picture collection from this fun event.
Well for now let's see how it all began. By the way, there are plenty of beautiful girls inside the post ;)

Oktoberfest 2009 (69 pics)
Oktoberfest 2009 (69 pics)
Here is a bunch of photorealistic pictures. There is each time a set of three pictures (photorealistic 3D model, normal photo, photorealistic vector) on the same theme.
Can you tell which one is the Photo, the Vector or the 3D pic? I bet you can’t, so to ease you the task, here is the order in which the pics are: Vector, 3D and Photo.
For those who don’t know, Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and shapes or polygon(s), which are all based on mathematical equations, to represent images in computer graphics.

Can you see the differences between 3D, Vector and Photos? (45 pics)
More and more we encounter various mysterious creatures that look more like aliens.
This strange little creature doesn’t look like a normal earth inhabitant either. How do you think what is it? Any ideas?
Look and leave comments with your suggestions.

Another mysterious creature (2 pics)
Look at all these people playing in mud, playing with food or making contests of armpit farts or the one who can throw a toilet seat the farthest…
Silly, huh? Seems to be lot of fun though!
Great pics inside, so hit the jump.

Redneck Games (90 pics)
Perini Navy may have created the largest yacht of all time.
Created for multi-millionaires, the yacht Maltese Falcon has been recently sold for $ 100 million.
This boat uses the innovative sailing system DynaRig. It consists of three constantly rotating masts, which hold 15 sails.
The maximum speed of the boat is of about 21 knots. Maltese Falcon is able to cross the Atlantic in just 10 days!

Yacht that will blow your mind! (28 pics)
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Harajuku is a famous fashion street of Tokyo with a unique street fashion. Young people dressed in a variety of styles including gothic lolita, visual kei, and decora, as well as cosplayers spend the day in Harajuku socializing. The fashion styles of these youths rarely conform to one particular style and are usually a mesh of many.
Many prominent designers and fashion ideas have sprung from Harajuku and incorporated themselves into other fashions throughout the world. Incredible pictures. Have to see them!


Japanese fashion street Harajuku
This is from the series "And can you do this?”
Look at this grandfather, his is 91 years old!
And what he manages to do is not that easy to repeat for many young people.

Sports grandpa (11 pics)
Slime mold is a broad term describing fungi-like organisms that use spores to reproduce, numbering about 1,000 species.
Many of them are incredibly beautiful and they are waiting for you inside the post.
Enjoy ;)

Stunning slime mold (74 pics + 1 gif)
Maybe you’ve heard about these sports. To be honest, apart from 2 out of 19 I knew nothing about them. I couldn’t even imagine that some of them can actually exist.
Well, if people like it, why not. Actually, I’d like to try some of them too ))

Different odd sports (18 pics)
I certainly don’t want to say that all owners of supercars park this way but unfortunately, it is often the case.
These three Ferraris were parked absolutely wrong.
And something tells me that their owners aren’t handicapped at all. Maybe they think that the sign means: “specially for Ferraris?!!” ;)

How they park super cars (8 pics)
From some of the rooms in the pictures it is clear that teenagers live in there, and some of the rooms are furnished with the latest technology and look more like an office of some serious company.
As they say, to each his own...

Rooms of Japanese teens (44 pics)
It looks like they had a real big party with lots of alcohol for several days in a row and now they have a nasty hangover ;)
In any case, a very amusing selection. Take a look.

Thirsty animals (26 pics)
Today, I'll show you the real can cars ))
They were manufactured in the early 80’s in Florida.
They were based on Volkswagen mechanicals these cars were from Volkswagen.
The owner tried to obtain manufacturer’s license for serial production of such cars, but he was allowed to produce only 300 cars per year.
After some time, the production had ceased, but they still can be found in private collections.

Can-shaped cars (21 pics)

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4

Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4