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Elite Shooter ES - Shoot up enemies in four splendid combat scenes. Use appropriate weapons in different situations. You have the license to kill. Mouse to aim and shoot. Space bar to reload. 1,2,3,4 to switch weapons.
Elite Shooter ES

Kerixep is a 30-levelled challenging casual puzzle game where the player must light up all squares without going over the same square twice.

Colour My World - Travel across the complex rocky cliffs of the Grey Mountains into the clean and controlled city of B&W to meet up with your love waiting for you. Interact with the environment, solving puzzles and leaving a small trail of colour as you run, jump and even travel by Skytrain to explore this world. So, this sequel to Colour My Heart (which you SHOULD play before this) is considerably larger and more detailed. The game is considerably longer to beat as well. Controls are simple - use the arrow keys to move, with Up to jump, and interact with objects by clicking them with the mouse. Interactable objects are identifiable with a little sparkle. Also, hover over signs to read them. Right-Click to access in-game menu, including going back to Main Menu.
Colour My World

Magnets - Your goal is to lead blue or red particles from Spawn Boxes to Receive Boxes. Place magnets to direct the particles, and then hit "start" to see what happens!

Zombie Baseball 2 - After surviving the first wave of zombies, John and Sam take a step forward and decide to join the others survivor to look for the truth behind the terrible worldwide zombie infection. Through several locations they will search for the responsible of the disaster. Will they have a chance to discover the answers they are looking for? Is there any way to recover the infected people? John will have to use all his powers to get the answers in time, because there is almost no time to have to recover the health of the infected people. Controls: Use keys "A/W/S/D" or control keys to move. Use the MOUSE to draw lines and throw balls. Switch between the equipped bats with SPACE bar. Activate all your rage with Enter key. 10 Different Awesome Super Combos to help you in the Zombie Massacre.
Zombie Baseball 2
Nike Women campaign with the slogan “Here I Am” was translated into Russian as “This is me” or “Yes, I am this way”. So, this Russian slogan plus the picture with dancer Sofia Boutella lead to an amusing ambiguity.
Let’s look first at the original photograph and inside the post you will see the billboard which is now hanging all over Russia.

Curious Nike Billboard (2 pics)

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Two Canadian fishermen decided to fly fishing on their private plane, but nothing happened the way they planned.
The bear smelled the fish and threw itself on the plane. What a tremendous strength, just look what he did with it.

Bear Attacks an Airplane (6 pics)
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The Ga-Adangbe are an ethnic group in the West African nation of Ghana.
The Ga people are renowned worldwide for their funeral celebrations and processions. The Ga believe that when someone dies, they move to another life. Therefore, special coffins are often crafted by highly skilled carpenters. The coffins can be anything wanted by relatives of the deceased from a pencil to any animal such as an elephant. Coffins are usually crafted to reflect an essence of the deceased, in forms such as a character trait, an occupation, or a symbol of one's standing in the community. For example, a taxicab driver is most likely to be buried in a coffin shaped as a car. These coffins are usually very expensive, as their nature means that skilled carpenters take longer to produce them compared to conventional coffins.
Take a look inside the post at those unusual coffins.

The Unusual Coffins of the Ga People (51 pics)

The Unusual Coffins of the Ga People (51 pics)

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