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Vector Conflict Siege - You are in control of the defensive systems for the vast SOTER underground bunker. You are the last line of defense for the survivors taking refuge below – protect them at all costs. Mouse: Aim and shoot the primary weapon. A/D: Rotate 90 degrees left or right. W/S: Rotate a fast 180 degrees. Spacebar: Fire a rocket. E: Set off an EMP charge. Q: Detonate a nuke. R: Buy upgrades (survival mode only). Esc or Enter: Pause menu (option to restart current level). Lefties can use JKLUIOP instead of the letter keys above.
Vector Conflict Siege

Bloodfield: The Meat City is a very aggressive shoot em up players dream with 50 levels in 5 general scenes. Choose your character wisely from the 6 available paying close attention to the attributes for each character. These will come in handy during the game when your backs against the wall 200 versus 1 slaying zombies. In Bloodfield the player starts with a weak gun and has to earn money by shooting. As each level progresses your character will pick up different power ups, health icons, and bags of money to be used at the end of each level for upgrades. The player in the upgrade score can buy, 28 different guns, 10 various other weapons, body armor and bullets. Everything a zombie slayer needs to be successful. After each round the player is also given an upgrade point to add to his attributes, giving them the ability to upgrade strength, speed, accuracy, as well as others. Spend your money wisely because the levels get harder and the zombies come faster and faster. Do you have what it takes to survive the BLOODFIELD!

My Kingdom for the Princess is a casual resource management/building game from Nevosoft. Mixing elements from simulation titles as well as borrowing from the time management genre, the game puts a big casual gameplay hat over itself and delivers a deceptively linear resource management experience with a surprising amount of strategy. Don't let the fairy tale setting and simple premise fool you, My Kingdom for the Princess is not a simple kids' game. Build farms and lumber mills as you repair the road and make your way over your newly repaired roads… and escort the princess safely to her castle.
My Kingdom for a Princess

Trap Master - They’re coming to invade…They’re coming to lay their hands on a treasure that is not their own… Using either the [arrow] or [wasd] keys, guide your monster around the screen, and use the cursor to aim, then click the mouse to fire. If you’re close enough to a small enemy, you can devour them whole by clicking on them.
Trap Master

Have you ever seen such a big sum in one place? No? Here it is.
Every one knows that drug traffickers have the most luxurious and the most expensive houses in the world with exotic private zoos etc..
One of the Mexican drug leaders, native of China who gained Mexican citizenship, had all this money at his house. He fled before the police came into his house in one of Mexico City’s wealthiest neighborhoods and found this pile of money that was hidden inside walls, suitcases and closets.
All the money came from the profits of methamphetamines sold in the United States.
It was estimated that major narco-traffickers were now US $205 million poorer.


Drug Money. $205 million in cash!
It is known that during the financial crisis, volumes of construction works fall heavily, the demand for construction materials reduces twice, including the demand for bricks.
Therefore, brick factories in Russia came up with unconventional moves to stay afloat.
One of them is in front of your eyes. Sexy girls pose with... bricks.
Only in Russia as they say ;)))

How to sell bricks in a crisis? (11 pics)

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Early in the morning, you go to catch your train, then you see ‘this’ and your mood is immediately improved even though there’s a whole working day ahead :)) Yes, I would laugh hard if I saw this.
To each their own, but as for me, this is not for men...

Recent trends in men's fashion? (3 pics)
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Here’s a good example of culture differences. In Japan, it is something common to have such capsule hotels. It is made for businessmen in the first place, who don’t have time to go home and start working very early. Or for people who didn’t catch the last train. Their well developed train system shuts down around midnight.
So, here you go, little boxes where you can only be in a lying position. There’s even a small TV set at your feet.

Capsule Hotels in Japan (24 pics)
Rio de Janeiro is a beautiful city which must be very interesting to visit but nothing is perfect and behind the beautiful beaches, there are a lot of things that happen in the slums…

The battle which began on Saturday between hundreds of drug traffickers from different rival gangs put the chaos in Rio and turned the city into a warzone. They shot down a police helicopter. 17 people died that weekend.
Talk about a good advertisement two weeks only after Rio was awarded the 2016 Olympics…
It raised questions over the city's ability to safely host the Games in 2016.

Slum war in Rio de Janeiro (35 pics)
A 24-year-old German woman “Lady Lee” is offering a mobile squeals on wheels service for men.
Now, punters will now be whipped in an 'anonymous' looking van…
She said: "I just bought a van and kitted out the interior with a complete S and M studio so my slaves don't have to visit me.”
"It has everything you'd want - restraints, cages, gags, chains and whips. I like seeing men suffer.
"And most important of all, the van is completely soundproof so your neighbours will never know."

Domina-Mobil – S&M studio on wheels… (13 pics)

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One of the world's longest man made structures is the Australian Dingo Fence. In fact it is also the world's longest fence ever.
Stretching across two southeastern Australian states, Queensland and South Australia, the Dingo Fence is 5,614 kilometres long.
Please note that this "dog fence" is not really made of dogs. If it was, it would take 5,614,000 dingoes standing nose-to-butt to construct this fence.

One of the world's longest fences (12 pics + text)