Park My Plane - You like parking, right? OK, fine. Manage the airport, Mr. Parkalot! Guide planes to their gates, and get them back onto the runway for takeoff.
Park My Plane

Battlefield 2 - The two war veterans RAZOR-35X and GODHEAD-SSX back in action to rescue a group of elite scientists. Armed with AK-47s, shotguns, flamethrowers and grenades they blast their way through the enemy forces. WASD to move around, number keys etc to change your weapon, G to throw a grenade, R to reload your weapon(s).
Battlefield 2

I Hate Traffic - Challenge yourself on 20 unique levels then take on some of the user levels, or design your own on-the-fly. Each level features different goals and objectives to reach, such as reaching a target area or hurting so many cars. Arrow Keys or WASD to move. Read the goals before pursuing the level, goals change on each level.
I Hate Traffic
Generally, if sunbathing or going to the solarium is cleverly done, then the tan can make a person prettier and sexier.
But there are individuals who appear not to think with their head at all, and so they become a laughingstock. You should agree that these tans are a complete fail.

Suntan Fails ... (62 pics)
Suntan Fails ... (62 pics)

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This is really horrible. Faces of these women were mutilated by acid, and this is the work of bastards who call themselves men. This is such a strange way of solving problems (or revenge) in Pakistan.
After the jump, you can look at these poor women and learn why the acid was thrown into their faces. But think twice before you go into the post. The pictures are very graphic.

OMG of the Day. “Acid Terrorism” Against Women in Pakistan (12 pics + text)
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Keri Hilson at Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2009 (8 pics)

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Fergie Looks Gorgeous While Performing (9 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Megan Fox for the New York Times (12 pics)

We have edited the video post - Mortal Kombat Fatalities. I think you'd like to check it out. Just click on the image :)
Curiosities and bonus pictures

Try to read these words. It’s not that difficult that it may seem :)
Curiosities and bonus pictures

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Curiosities and bonus pictures
Doll's Island in Mexico City (15 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Portraits by Marco Grob (15 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Rotary Telephone Sheep Sculptures (10 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Cardboard Sculptures Made by Chris Gilmour (16 pics)

Funny gif animations:

In the following of the Curiosities, you will see some celebrities who can be mistaken with a tranny (10 pics)

Carmit Bachar

Curiosities and bonus pictures
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Those pictures were posted on an Ukrainian online site for classified ads.
The owner of this apartment wanted to rent it so he posted some pics.
The thing is, not only the apartment looks old and has old pieces of furniture but there is one major inconvenient. The toilet is situated in an unconventional and not very convenient place!
See more after the jump.

A Weird Place for the Toilet (3 pics)
This is the former Pepsi Cola bottling plant which was located in Battambang, Cambodia.
The vast warehouse still contains the original bottling machinery from the 1960’s plus about 10,000 bottles of Pepsi, Miranda, Singha Soda, Teem…
In fact, the factory was abruptly shut down when the Khmer Rouge took over Battambang in 1975.
But there is always one old man though who takes care of the lawn and trims the hedges…

I find always interesting to see abandoned places, especially when it’s related to something famous…

Battambang’s Abandoned Pepsi Cola Factory (11 pics)
These salt evaporation ponds are situated in San Francisco Bay.
They are shallow man-made ponds designed to produce salts from sea water or other brines.
The color indicates the salinity of the ponds. In low to mid-salinity ponds, green algae are predominant. In middle to high salinity ponds, red algae are. Millions of tiny brine shrimp create an orange cast in mid-salinity ponds. Other bacteria that also contribute different tints.

Beautiful San Francisco Multicolored Ponds (8 pics)

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Warning: the video inside the post is shocking! Not for faint hearted!
Here is the sad and cruel story: a Lithuanian asshole threw a dog over a bridge and laughed at it with his friends while the poor creature crushed on the ground few meters down. They were stupid enough to film it and upload it on the web!
This story shocked the whole web and I think a lot of people wished they could do the same to this retard…
Apparently the guy went to the authorities when he learnt the mediatisation of his acts. He has been arrested and risks (only) 1 year of prison now, but he has been released ‘til the trial.
The dog miraculously survived the accident and vets took care of the dog but it sadly succumbed to its wounds on Saturday night…

You will see some pics of the guy and some of the dog when he was recovering plus the video that caused the controversy inside the post.

Stupid Lithuanian guy Threw a Dog Over a Bridge but Got Arrested! (10 pics + 1 video)
This seaside resort was one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world a few decades ago. Lots of stars went there like Elizabeth Taylor or Brigitte Bardot.
But in 1974, the conflict that tore Cyprus in half and divided the North and South forced the closure of this resort…
Since then, it’s nothing more than a ghost city.
Too bad, it could be a great place to go on vacation…

The Abandoned Beach Resort of Varosha in Cyprus (52 pics)
What can I say, a real hard work. The production process is entirely hand-made.
Glass blowers can make up to 200 balls during one shift! I can imagine what strong lungs they must have ;)
Further on you will see a photo essay from a small Ukrainian factory near Kiev.

How Christmas Tree Toys Are Made (41 pics)

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