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Slide Racing - Race as Almond in the wildest cars competition ever, making team with your Dad, the famous champion Blue Willy, and his beautiful mechanic Sasha. But... Your Dad has been murdered! You are alone in a 12 cars tournament along the hardest 8 tracks in the world. Win races to attract cars sponsors, earn achievements and unlock new tracks and new Leagues. Will you have what it takes to reach the goal to compete in the longest and hardest track ever designed?
Slide Racing

Damn Birds 2 - What do the statues of the past, present, and future have in common? Winged demons (birds) pooing on them viciously. Play as special statues who have had enough… go through time and get revenge on these flying bastards using the best weapons possible.
Damn Birds 2

Droptris - Pit your wits against this classic puzzler as you try and fill rows of the screen with bricks. Now with plenty of game modes to choose from - you can play two screens at a time, or even challenge your friends! Move bricks - Left/right arrow keys or A/D respectively. Drop faster - Down arrow key or S. Rotate - Up arrow key or W.
The New Year is a holiday where sometimes people cover big distances to meet with family, friends to celebrate it together.
Wherever you live, you can buy a ticket on a train, plane, ship and to get to your destination.
Anywhere, but not in China.
In this country, to get on the train (the most accessible means of transport) in January will be very problematic, even if you have a ticket.
After seeing the photos you will understand what that means.

Why It’s Better Not to Celebrate the New Year in China (22 pics)

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You can easily lose small objects like cell phones or cameras in any place at any time and there’s almost nothing you can do about it. But you can do something for people who find it.
A guy has created a ‘pictoral guide to avoiding camera loss’.
It’s brilliant, first because it’s funny, secondly because it’s kinda clever.
Discover his method after the jump..

Hilarious Way to Avoid Losing Your Camera Forever! (25 pics)
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The pictures of this incredible plane replica was sent us by our visitor Tim Hawkins. Thanks a lot Tim :)
This model airplane of a P-51D Mustang was built by Young C Park, from Honolulu, who is a retired dentist and used some of his instruments to build it. To accomplish this task, he spent 6,000 hours during three years on it.
It is built on a 1/16 scale and what is amazing is that every part is fully functional!!!
Hats off to the creator!

Stunning Exact Replica of America's Primary Fighter plane (39 pics + text)
Just look at the dreadful look of this cat.
He is ready to attack… In the following of the post, you will see a lightning attack and the massacre of the victim.
Not for faint hearted!!

Attack of a Predator (3 pics)

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All the geeks and nerds unite!!! :)
Here are some interesting and geeky decorations for you. There is also some stuff for geeky girls too ;)
Or if you have some friends or relatives who are geeks, it could be an extra present for them this Christmas :)

Geek Decorations (40 pics)
The Gathering of the Juggalos is an annual event described by its founder as a "Juggalo Woodstock". It spans four days, and includes concerts, wrestling, games, contests, autograph sessions, and seminars with artists.
This year was the tenth edition of this festival, like the two previous editions, it occurred in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois.
This is a ‘photo journey’ showing you people who were at this event.

People at the Gathering of the Juggalos Festival 2009 (49 pics)
Beggars usually just ask for money and write on cardboards that they need money to eat, but those ones thought it would be maybe a better idea to make people laugh whether by being honest or by writing stupid stuff.
I think those funny begging methods are a better way to drive people to give you money than the classic methods.. you see.

Funny Uncommon Begging Methods (19 pics)