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The Leon Wars

Posted in Games   31 Jan 2010   / 5815 views

The Leon Wars - The fabled Leon Wars, named after the murdered son of King Rodrick, has been raging for almost a century. The king's son was murdered by the slave (and monster) race, the Draylocks. No one quite knows why the Draylocks did this, as all those directly responsible were executed very early on. But it is clear, the Draylocks have had enough of serving humans and lust for power. There is now an ongoing struggle for supremacy and a need to conquer new lands by both human and monster races. Your objective in this game is to play either the humans or the Draylocks. Either species has its own advantages and disadvantages. In either case, your main objective is to conquer the free lands, expand your domain and exterminate the opposition. Mouse click to select your army. Mouse click again to direct your army where you want it to go. Double mouse click to view unit placement in an army. Mouse click to select a village, mine or church. Double mouse click to view its militia and defensive situation. Arrow keys to scroll map left/right/up/down. Space bar to deselect army/village/mine/church.

[via Free World Group]

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einsib 6 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
aaaaaahhhhhhrrgggggg girl_cray2 i keep pushing menu loosing my progress,
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XD                    show commment
NinjaDemon05 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
elvis drinks Laie_53 suicide yahoo n_sm_19 pretty fun! what r advantages and disadvantages of races?
NinjaDemon05 5 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
dirol :shoot: This is pretty cool!
Imadany 3 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Hello! I just found your blog via 6th Street and I'm in love! (I hope that doesn't sound crazy!) I'll definitely be srnhiag it with my best friend as she would love it too.I haven't explored everything yet but I love your design tastes and your nursery is adorable! Thanks for srnhiag!!