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  1. Maher.Bat
    beautiful , hot & sex heart heart
  2. 4down2
    n_man_in_love n_man_in_love
  3. Tarzan
    Love You Sweet Heart !!! drinks drinks drinks
  4. losers
    shes nothing but a wannabe jolie. they might look "similar" but lets not forget who the original is as well as Natural

  5. lol
    this girl is really beautiful
  6. ...
    oh lol....

  7. Angel
    New Jerseyans get screwed by the Red States. According to the Tax Foundation, rdhaly a liberal organization Indeed, 17 of the 20 (85%) states receiving the most federal spending per dollar of federal taxes paid are Red States This trend started with Reagan who shifted Federal Spending from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and West. So as I read the numbers, if you want to continue to get screwed, vote Republican.
  8. Onyangoa
    I bet that if you polled a ioillbn world citizens you could count on half wanting to bring their children to America to live legally or not. That is no reason to want to let them come. You bleeding hearts should put your liberal thinking to the task of improving the lives of Americans and help keep the rest of the world out of our country.
  9. Miroslav
    Then only reason I wetnad these messages moved was, most Oshoites who visit this place hardly speak anything. They can be found debating at length elsewhere, but they hardly do that here, since I know their nature they need more (or rather right) time and space to conduct themselves. I may soon have a separate forum activated apart from these comments for various categories on my website for this purpose (also for Hindi songs etc). Would not move your messages though, and scuttle the effort you did in bringing your heart out.

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