Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

This is the message (in short) which a new anti-smoking campaign of Les Droits des Non-fumeurs try to drive home in France and the ad campaign is likely to be annulled, as it is very shocking.
Personally, I think this ad is very amusing, ‘cause now only something shocking and provocative is needed to attract people’s attention to some serious issues. As long as everybody talks about it, it means that it works ;)

1 Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

2 Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)

3 Smoking = Blow Job (3 pics)



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  1. right
    french = gay n pedos
  2. kero
    belay belay
  3. ;)
    Wait, so your dick will be the circumference of a cigarette if you smoke?
  4. freak                    show commment
  5. HollyxHero
    Very nice. lol. It's good advertising.
  6. severe_009
  7. Morrigain
    I think it's idiotic! Smoking as whatever you like to do sex related is an expression of freedom, i can do whatever the hell i want as long as I don't hurt the other person standing next to me.
    And the decision to smoke is mine!

  8. diegopol                    show commment
  9. mm
    Well you hurt person next to you by passive smoking.. I just don't get this campaign. Does those pictures mean, that every time young people smoke they do blowjob to a business man? Is business man here same as cigarette company? Does this campaign try to say that cigarette companies' bosses have small dicks or what?
  10. Maher.Bat
    JC_doubledown JC_doubledown
  11. Cody
    the ad means that you become a slave to the cigarette as sometimes people can become sex slaves.

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