It appears from the photos that this couple decided to get married in a very unusual place very far away from their home, not to make a traditional marriage like the others with the same kind of pictures. If it is isolation the couple wanted, they certainly achieved that. The location is the beautiful Altiplano high plains located in west central South America. The temperature rises till +40°C during the day and goes down till -5°C at night. Sunburns are easy to get over there and it is extremely hard to breath. It is the first time I have seen wedding pictures taken there, so they may be the first couple ever to be married there. It is quite a beautiful location, however, lonely, save for the spouse, but beautiful.
Check these marvelous wedding pictures after the break.

The Most Beautiful Wedding in a Lost Corner of the Earth (8 pics)
Only in America can a person who does nothing but act in front of a camera all day become so rich that they can afford the luxurious mansions shown in these photos. And only in America can a man who is worth nearly a billion dollars manage to find himself in the worst doghouse of all times.
Celebrity Cottages (5 pics)
In these photos the most talented and beautiful women from all over the United States gather to compete in the most competitive beauty contest in the United States. Although there is only one winner, there are certainly no losers. These women are not only bright and talented but it is easy to see that their biggest asset is their beauty.

Miss America 2010 (69 pics)
Curiosities and bonus pictures

About stars and celebs
Curiosities and bonus pictures
Doutzen Kroes in Bikini (6 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Girl of the Day, Coco Austin (9 pics)

This is the world's first digital camera. It was made by Kodak in 1973. The first digital images were recorded on ordinary magnetic audio tape. Clickable.
Curiosities and bonus pictures Curiosities and bonus pictures

Bonus pictures
Curiosities and bonus pictures
Art with Tapes and Floppy Disks (33 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
Fire in Motion (18 pics)

Curiosities and bonus pictures
The marvels of Winter (26 pics)

Taylor Swift received four Grammy at the 52nd Grammy Awards 2010. But she accidentally dropped one :))
Curiosities and bonus pictures

And Lady Gaga was extravagant as usually.
Curiosities and bonus pictures

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There are some hot new interiors making the automobile scene. Apparently anything goes including wild designs and even wilder colors. Reds, pinks, orange, and fuchsia are all in along with leather and speciality vinyl. I like it and think it will put some of the fun back in driving.
Hot New Auto Interiors (20 pics)
Here’s a little photo-essay on Brilliance of the Seas cruising in Gulf waters. The ship contains 13 decks, 5 restaurants, a library, theater, art gallery, casino, pools, shops, sports courts and much more! In fact, this is a small floating city. It cruises the Mediterranean from April to November and the Panama Canal and Caribbean from November to April. Brilliance of the Seas is on active service from in January on Monday 18. What is unique about this particular cruise ship is that the pool and Jacuzzi are open 24/7.

Voyage on One of the World’s Largest Cruise Ships (37 pics)
While some of these vehicles are very clever, you have to wonder what the designers in this collection of unusual, weird, and funny vehicles in these photos were thinking.

Wonder Wagons (138 pics)

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On a closer look, the massive structure you see may seem like a giant iceberg. Actually, it is a destroyed Sayano-Shushenskaya power plant situated in Siberia. Last year the transformer explosion caused huge flooding and human casualties in this plant.
The plant restoration may take more than four years. Without this plant, the area can just freeze out.

Is It an Iceberg or a Power Plant? (18 pics)

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