Cubor - If you like 'cube rolling' puzzle games like Bloxors you will totally love the 3D puzzler Cubor! Use mouse to change view and move the cubes to the exits!

The vertical scrolling shoot'em up action game Starmageddon needs a bit time to evolve but then you are playing one awesome, spritefull arcade game!

Saturated - Dive into the world of colors in the logic skill game Saturated! Fly a colorship, collect colorweapons and shoot those colorswitches to open colored doors.

AltShift Lite Edition - Welcome to the AltShift latest entry into the Negative Space Exploring Puzzler, Shift! A taster of the new Mechanics and Gameplay features found in AltShift! Arrow Keys/W/D to move. Down/S/Shift to Shift. Up/W to Jump. Space to pull boxes.
AltShift Lite Edition

Alliant - The year 3087. The earth's resources have finally met their end. In order to survive the human race must find another planet to sustain. After five years of research a new planet was discovered. A planet that is already inhabited.. This real time strategy game (RTS) is using the mouse cursor to select, build and order units. Don’t forget to use the upgrade options at the starmap. Objectives: send out your troops to destroy the enemy base and defend your own base to survive.

Primary is about a Hueman named Roy. Roy must climb to the top of Prizim tower to stop an invasion of color eating Void who want to destroy his world. It is an action platformer with puzzle elements. Playing as Roy you can change the colors of your body to access different areas, and use different abilities. As you climb Prizim tower you will unlock upgrades for your abilities such as the ability to create portals and teleport from from place to place. W: Jump. A and D move left and right. S: Go invisible when yellow or drop from ledge when hanging. J K L or Clicking the screen: Change the color of your body. SpaceBar: actions for each ability. R: flip switches and enter doorways.
I never believed to all those ghost stories and these pictures won’t make me change my mind!
The photos in this post are believed by many to be untouched, but for me it’s just double exposure or stuff like that.
But still, it’s interesting to look at, as there are explanations coming along with the photos. Well, a post for paranormal lovers…

The Best of Ghost Pictures (26 pics + text)
Celebrities may be the chosen people with all the glamour and glory but as these photos show, they age just like the rest of us. Admittedly, some of them do it with considerably more grace than we do but they age nevertheless. Time seems to fly by, whether you are a celebrity or not.

Jim Carrey (1998, 2009)
Celebrities, Then And Now (30 pics)

Chelsea Clinton (1996, 2009)

Celebrities, Then And Now (30 pics)
The dog in these photos is one lucky pooch. Apparently the dog got caught in some flood waters in Las Angeles California and had to be rescued. The rescuers had to life and limb to save the animal and my hat goes off to them.
Dramatic Dog Rescue (16 pics)
Body piercings are all the rage these days, but as these photos show, people are forever inventing new places to put the little pieces of art. I can just imagine what the parent of some of the kids had to say when they got home with their new piercing; “You pierced your what?”
You Pierced Your What? (50 pics)
It is always funny to watch someone else fall on their butt. This is especially true when the folks who are landing on their butt are professional ice skaters. As these photos demonstrate, they are not immune from falling on their butt either.

Funny Ice Skating Falls (14 pics)
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These photos are of a very cute little marsupial called a Sugar Glider and are from Australia. Marsupials are famous for carrying their young in pouches. Take a look how tiny the Joeys are. They are now legal to own in the United States and are the perfect size for your shirt pocket.

Pocket Sized Pets (26 pics)
I am sure all you fans of the movie Twilight will recognize this pillow or “manllow” as it is called. Yes, this is Edward the Vampire in the form of a pillow. Personally, I think the thing looks nothing like him, but hey, now the fans can have their own Edward in their bedroom

Manllow Edward Cullen (5 pics)
The beautiful and unique cufflinks in these photos can be found in the French internet shop called La Maison du Bouton de Manchette. Lots of designers were working on this wonderful collection and each pair is unique. The only thing they have in common is excellent quality.

Designer Cufflinks (83 pics)
The photos in this post were made from 35,000 staples in just 75 hours. Not only is the artwork breathtakingly beautiful and intricate but it is amazing that it could have been made by simply sticking staples in a wall.
Staple Art (10 pics)
The beautiful church in this photo is known as Church of the Holy Family and is a massive, privately funded Roman Catholic Church that has been under construction in Barcelona, Spain since 1892 and is not expected to be complete until at least 2026. It was designed by renowned Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. It is absolutely huge and is one of Spain’s most visited tourist attraction.

An Incredible Church That’s Been Being Built For 118 Years (23 pics)

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