Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

Lindsay Lohan has shown herself as a great actress and a beautiful girl. However today she is totally “killing” herself…

Paparazzi took interesting pictures of Lindsay Lohan leaving the party. This could hardly be an advertisement for some kind of a flour plant. Most likely, it’s cocain. We all know that she has confessed drugs and alcohol abuse before.

1 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

2 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

3 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

4 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

5 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)

6 Lindsay Hits Rock Bottom Again (6 pics)


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  1. Jayzen Freeze
    No way its cocaine not in that amount
  2. koreanwutard
    wow sad how people have so much money and just can't live life... enjoy your family and thank God that you don't have to suffer like other people do...
  3. trololo
    lol yeah, no way its cocaine... even celebrities would pick that up... she might be stupid but she's not stupid...
  4. uhhhhhh
    its baby powder
    used to loosen the leather of shoes
    this should be done at home though
    she just wants the attention
  5. briere
    i use baby powder in my shoes to stop them from slipping
    no biggie ,but yess is best to put it on before going out
  6. No.
    I wouldn't hit that! I'd let her do oral on me, but that's about it!
  7. vulpes                    show commment
  8. datmeenjeniet
    If that's cocaine ....o my god, what a waste!
  9. anon
    I googled for information about the effects of cocaine.

    And there is evidence that she is not on cocaine:
    Her eyes are not dilated.
  10. Maher.Bat
    i dont believe that this is drugs
  11. rdeee
    LOL ! Cocaine??! sarcastic
    That ain't no cocaine, why would she have so much cocaine in her shoes :D
    Somebody would have been licked her shoes clean.
  12. sosa
    Come on, not even Tony Montana has that much cocain to spill
  13. mominco                    show commment
  14. ;)

    You would let those nasty lips touch your pogo stick??
  15. Tarzan
    Good God... i envy her...
    But the baby powder thing looks more appropriate..
    I wasn't there but I woiuld say that that is not cocaine on her feet

    more than likly it's baby power and she is just doing a self promotion thing - it's working, lots of people blogging promotion
  17. gigi
    it looks like it was thrown on her shoes when the photo was taken look at the fog around her feet......cocaine i think not
  18. Jon
    I've seen her before at the mall and she does look like a crack whore
  19. squerell02                    show commment

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