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  1. JD
    Saddam come back !!!
  2. :Shamrock:                    show commment
  3. WTF?
    "Saddam come back !!" .... WTF you talking about? From the grave?!! ..dumbass.
  4. fafara
    americans... all they do is kill other people. So sad. First they lost to vietnamese farmers who had old soviet weapons, now they are losing in iraq again.
  5. 45
    US MC mother fucker!!!! Dont worry Chink we're coming back for you soon.
  6. scombo charlie
    american fucker you'll get your ass blown apart soon
  7. kryosis
    Nice pictures, Fucking War!
  8. ...
    Yank, yank,
    Ignorant, narrow-minded wank,
    Dumber than a bucket of bricks,
    Thicker than a huge bundle of sticks,
    Stuffs his mouth sunrise to sunset,
    Threatens every nation on the fucking planet,
    Preaches in a place called church every Sunday,
    Then molests young boys in a rent-a-car on Monday,
    Hides like a girl behind his lawyer,
    Then behind his gun,
    Shoots up his classmates yearly just for fun.
    Brainwashed by his flat-screen,
    Plagued by a million fears,
    And still has nothing but scrambled eggs between his ears.
    Avoid this ugly creature while you can,
    It's frightening, it's hideous, it's called an American!
  9. buba
    mr47_04 The few.....the proud....the the on the beach.....join the USMC

    I think you meant:

    The few.....the proud....the DEAD on the beach....join the USMC[/s]
  10. ...
    All hail the might and courage of the US faggot coward military!!!
  11. 4down2
    dance3 dance3
  12. american_imperial_drone
    fuck america, they put Saddam in power.
  13. jondon
    Curse us all you want, you ignorant third world nerds talking shit on the internet; when you're on top you don't have to give a shit what everyone BELOW you is saying.
  14. scombo charlie
    yea mudder fucker thats how impune you are. the third world is keeping you alive. your economy is crumbling day by day soon you'll be begging the third world for business because the third world will be gravitating to south america and china. so fuck you. we stop buying your cars and goods. most of what you have are imported. can't you see jackass?
  15. fdfdgd
    i feel sorry for those retarded U.S Soldiers sacrificing their lives for the sake of rich peoples interests, pure shit.

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