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  1. olla
    Um, thanks for the truly disturbing comic. Poor little Clarissa, no wonder she can't crack a smile.

    Child molesters are the absolute worst.
  2. thatdude
    damn... JC_doubledown
  3. James Crowler
    36 Omg...
  4. A
    That's so sad and wrong to post here... belay
  5. ;)
    Who the hell would make such a thing. That's horrible n_sad
  6. xenomorph
    wrong? why? because all you people who have your lives sorted out just looove to turn the blind eye and ignore all the misery, poverty and sickness in the world? well, guess what - ignoring doesn't mean 'not happening' and the sooner you ralise it, the better for all of us..
  7. Dreth

    Why is it wrong, you self-righteous cunts?

    Are all comics supposed to feature Garfield being unfunny and uninteresting?

    I hope you wankers get bombarded with Goatse.
  8. briere                    show commment
  9. Simone25
    There is a special place in hell for child molesting perverts! And comment number 7, Dreth, freakin relax. I think people are alowed to be distured by such a serious topic as child molestation, that does not make anyone self-righteous. People are distured not by serious comics, but the topic it was addressing!!
  10. necris77                    show commment
  11. az
  12. Ulriccc                    show commment
  13. Molotov_B
    Very disturbing.
  14. mm
    No happy ending there...
  15. PoPo
    Thanks for making us aware of a topic that we forget about on a day-to-day basis. There are children in the world suffering from the hands of those closest to them. Sad, but it's a reality.
  16. Buzz
    So the bunny didn't like the story that her dad told?
  17. dd
    ^^^I dont think the bunny liked the cock in her ass, dummy.
  18. Buzz
    The story was about an chicken and a donkey? Where did it say that?
  19. Omarz
    the problem is that those kids dont say a word since their molester is threatning them not to tell anybody or something bad would happen to them ,then those kids grow up to be serial killers and so :S
  20. Mr Ree
    If her bedroom was on the first floor, those re-animated animals wouldn't have had to jump to their deaths to escape the torture that little girl subjected them to. That's very sad - that demonic little girl abused those poor stuffed animals and threw them into the dirt.
  21. ludwig_rx
    this is sad n_wassat
  22. Kill molesters
    This is everything but wrong.. I absolutely agree with xenomorph.. wink
  23. x
    in this case it's also her mom that's trying to keep clarissa quiet with all the stupid toys.
    (her whole family's fucked up. and now I'm depressed =_=)
  24. Reo
    Umm....I think the main reason people said it was a bad post is this is a HUMOR website? I agree the issue is serious and the comic was definitely powerful but it really isn't a fit with the theme here.
  25. Vlad
    @Mr Ree
    No. She is abused by her father/this man in the shadow. The rabbit saw all of that and it was shocked.
  26. Julez
    What the....!?! I can't even begin to ....
  27. kryosis                    show commment
  28. einsib
    powerful stuff n_recourse
  29. Molotov_B
    i can't get over this post, i've been thinking about it all day. It is beyond tragic to think that this happens, every minute of every day all over the world.
    Its so very cruel and sad
  30. Belisario
    @Dreth. listen CUNT. It's not funny to cover child molesting in a cute looking comic. It's actually sick beyond imagination for normal people. So screw you, your kind, the one who made this and the one who posted it !!!
  31. Apu Kalipshis
    you people are like the bunny..... dash2
  32. Comicartist
    Fantastic Comic! Well told, great story, great art.
    And since when did comics have to be 'funny'?
  33. gregosgregos
    brilliant...i admire the subtility
  34. Mr Ree
    Maybe if the mother had been sucking the father's cock instead of drinking all the time, he'd leave the little girl alone.

  35. lalalaWTF
    @ Mr. Ree: what is wrong with you? first you don't get what the comic is about and then you actually suggest that the man wouldn't molest his own daughter if his fucking wife was pleasing him. The truth is she can't please him which is why she's drinking because he's a goddamn PEDOPHILE. He wants little CHILDREN. I know you think you're being funny (I hope that's the case) but it's just disturbed and stupid.

    Ok. Now I'm going to go on my own comic book crusade to hunt down and murder all child molesters and then either go into a self-imposed exile in an icy cave from the rest of humankind and/or just kill myself. Thanks.
    I prefer sites like these to have more interesting and educational material rather than just stuff "for lulz". I do realize that this isn't something pleasant to see, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be on here. I also agree with 32 that not all comics need to be humorous.
  37. Ohboy
    I really enjoy this comic, & i get it what happen instantaneously.
  38. manga reader
    I found this by accident and was kind of surprised by the comic but I have seen worst, specialy in manga I agree it is not a funny or nesecery thing to make this tipe of material but I think that the artist/writer is trying to get a message across and it was done in a very well done fashion as it did not show graphicly all the details but it did show the exact message, as it could be said "Need you need to see more? You decide.
  39. Polly
    Oh My God
    o - o

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