Dear Izers!

Finally has come this long-awaited day, and I am happy and proud to present you the creation of our team – the Post builder. Do you see the button ‘Add a post’ at the top right corner of the page?

Now each of you can become the author of a post and add any content on the website. Everything that you post, immediately gets into your blog (every registered visitor has it). Your best creations may and most likely will get on Home Page of Izismile once it is approved by the admin or into Upcoming section (here will be all that didn’t get on the Home Page). If you are not registered, then you can make a short registration or add your post without registering. In this case, your content will be immediately submitted to get the admin for moderation and if you did something interesting, it is likely to hit the home page.

The Post Builder is very easy to use. All you need is to come up with a short, interesting title (the description is optional) and add photos or videos. This is important. All other fields can be filled at your discretion. You will figure it out yourself, it's really easy. The main principle that guided us in creating the Post Builder is that it had to be easy to use. And I think we achieved it. Over time, we will extend functions of the Poster. In addition to pictures and video, you will be able to add text and links and much much more.

At the moment, the Post Builder has not been fully finalized yet. It is in the testing stage. We will gradually elaborate and improve the Builder. If you find any bugs, problems, something that wouldn’t work, email me at and we will fix it. I will write here about all innovations. Stay tuned.

And finally a few rules:
1. Any content having NSFW, trash and gore materials or any content intended to insult and humiliate others etc won’t in any way get on the Home Page.
2. If your post doesn’t hit the HP (home page), look it up at the Upcoming section. If your post get a lot of votes or good comments, or people will just like it, it will have good chances to get at the HP.
3. Write your texts correctly, remember, you are doing this for other people.
No more rules. Post, create and surprise your friends. We, from the other side, will choose your best creations and show them to all the visitors, and there are tens of thousands of them on the main page).

Make your first post now!

P.S. I'm waiting for your opinions in the comments. This is very important.


image description
    Good idea :)
  2. Luka
    interesting idea... n_smile
  3. briere
    it is interesting idea indeed,
    im wondering though if it doesn't work out as well as planned what will happen?
  4. mtjs
    Great idea ! I liked ! That will make more fun in here . clapping
  5. mfjfu848t
    Good idea, good luck! ok
  6. Dreth
    Let's see if this will attract more whining bungholes saying "Ah this post is shit!! YOU FAIL".
  7. ashkibala
    Please add an X next to the Add A Post button so we can close it. I use a netbook and find it a bit annoying to see it over all the pages. Thanks
  8. jomatrik
    so so nice izismile for that job
    keeep going
  9. admin
    Quote: ashkibala
    Please add an X next to the Add A Post button so we can close it. I use a netbook and find it a bit annoying to see it over all the pages. Thanks

    We're working on that. Coming soon.
  10. izimyfizzi
    this site sucks. fix your shit up. fucking stupid pop up ads
  11. Wolfoxy
    What about the floating bar? Does it has to float? Can't you just put it on the top of the page, it's kind of annoying.
    -Thank you
  12. admin
    The answer is in #9.
    great - I will surly post some thing tonight (off to the mall)
  14. loyal2thek
    Good job !
  15. laughinggas
    Very good idea. This will certainly spice things up. dance3
  16. freshlife
    I like it!!! dash2
  17. Wolfoxy
    Great job guys; yeah didn't see the answer

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