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  1. lolipop
    eek!they need oil treatment....lol
  2. ;)
    They're called hippies :p
  3. tina_00
    smell yummyy :P
    please pass the scissors
  5. Brumle
    It's a lot of work to keep them nice looking...
  6. Moctesuma
    need some shampoo ???
  7. briere
  8. rolotomasi
    It looks dirty and messy ... get a hair cut ! And a job while you;re at it :)
    Damn hippies !
  9. incognito562
    scary looking :/
  10. You used stop-words.
    the good thing about it is they smell wonderfull...........
  11. corejacks
    good look smell awful!
  12. gg
    these are just rich fuckin phish fans that like to act like their poor.
  13. ja
    some people looking good in dreadlocks, adn it isnt bad for white people too.
  14. Soendoro Soetanto
    I will never do that to my hair.

    Soendoro Soetanto
  15. STFU
    White people are stupid.
  16. Mascoty
    The Green People..very clean ^^..i'm too.. no "dreds".. but Green UAhUHAauHUAH..
  17. migy
    fuckin tree huggin hippies..
  18. UltraMel
    #17 looks okay with dreadlocks...
  19. SuperTard
    lice - need I say more? nothing wrong /w those people,though.
  20. Enter your name
    lol if you don't like em... why are you lookin at em?
    Jack asses lol
  21. Soopy
    Well, I have dreadlocks, and I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about us as a group. First of all, dreadlocks are clean, while not all of us keep them that way, they're capable of smelling just like normal hair. Second, we're not all "hippies" or "druggies" or "fuck-ups." I,for one, have a 4.0 in school and are in 3/6 advanced classes. I've also never done drugs, and I don't think that has anything to do with my age. I think dreads look awesome! They're a low-fuss style for a low-fuss life, and I think society really needs to stop stereo-typing, not just us, but groups in general. The reason it's hard to get a job with dreadlocks is because the way society looks at us. I don't have to worry about a job yet though, I'm not even legally allowed to get one. It just seems as if society is so quick to judge all of a group while the truth is not everyone is the way you describe. Ok, my rant is over.
  22. leelee87
    I have 80 dreads and they are beautiful, because I take care of them correctly by keeping them clean and by keeping up with the maintenance of them. While others use other methods, some people prefer fatty dreads with lumps, curls, loops: character dreads, and that doesn't mean that they care not clean.
    And yes there are others who don't keep their dreads clean, just like there are people with short hair,long hair,curly,bald and others with dirty gimpy all the above hair.
    But people need to stop judging people based on appearances.
    Most of the people that I know, that most people would assume are goons,thugs, hippies ect are the most honest, sweetest, kindest realest people I know and Love.
    And there are other people I know that society sees as moral well rounded people that everyone should thrive to be and their the most faulty, flakey, rude, most fake people I know.
    Everyone acts or does something that society perceives as fronted upon or wrong , so who is anyone to decide personal morality in a community, by deciding whats moral and whats immoral.

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