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  1. major7
    just a human immagination
  2. Norm
    How idiotic that they all are essentially humanoid. Look around you. Humanoids are one of the smallest percentages of life on this planet. What an arrogant view to think that "they'd" look like us.

    Know where all of this mythos came from? Space stories previous to WWII had very different "aliens", yet after WWII and "Roswell" things changed.

    After the war ended, we had captured some amazing German rocket/stealth/jet technology. It was decades ahead of any other country. We built some to their plans, or cobbled together some of the parts they had been using, and launched some.

    We used monkeys or some sort of primate. The, so-called, "Roswell Aliens" recovered were merely primates in spacesuits that had been killed by the experiments and had their bodies damaged/mutilated through the forces (temperature/pressure). This was before we were able to build complete protective environments. The size matches the reports, the space suits, the mal-formed bodies, etc.

    We gave up on human transport for a few years, until the space-race started, because we felt it was too risky for people since the failed experiments.

    Why was is covered-up? Because we didn't want Russia to know how much technology we had taken. But look at the technology from Nazi Germany that we took that has been de-classified. It will blow your mind.

    All of the years of lunatics wearing foil on their heads and praying to aliens has got to stop...

  3. corejacks
    Alien only for stupid!
  4. 4
    germans are just smart idiot !
  5. severe_009
    Most looks like came from Starcraft
  6. lolipop
  7. viper
    why should they be mammals only ? this is to mr. spielberg !!
  8. 4down2
    good birthday suits !
  9. Genge
  10. Margaretta
    Your answer was just what I neeedd. It's made my day!
  11. hetty
    this is good but they are all guys

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