King’s Island 3 - Enter the Lost City and meet Lola the Enchantress... New enemies, new friends, new powers and odd adventures await you! Will you find the exit of this ancient dungeon-city built by crazy architects obsessed by magic?
King’s Island 3

Mouse Under Siege - Time to give the mouse genre a kick in the ass. You think you're good at avoiding with your mouse? Well, you've never had an entire army attack your mouse before have you. Avoid the bullets and missiles as long as you can and submit your high scores to compete for longest time.
Mouse Under Siege

Capital Defense - Countless enemies are attacking the capital, water and air and you are the only one who can stop them. Play this tower defence game by using your mouse and the left mouse button.
Capital Defense

Drag Box 2 - Your favorite box is back! How far can you drag it in this sequel? This physics game comes with high scores and fun achievements, enjoy :)
Drag Box 2

Little Spider - Create blocks and move the walls and ceilings to achieve the target web to complete the level. Left Mouse Button to create blocks. Cursor arrows to move.
Little Spider

5xMan - Help your team of 5 to find their way out! Use strategy and speed to hit all the switches and collect as many coins as possible before time runs out! Get as far as you can with each guy before time runs out. Remember, you have only 5 opportunities so make each one count! Arrows – Move, Jump. Space - Switch Men.

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This post is full of jungle beasts in their natural habitat. Although they are beautiful in their own way, they are also ferocious. The law of the jungle is truly the survival of the fittest and only the strong survive. 


The Clashes of the Strongest (21 pics)

These are some of the most humorous playground fails of all time. In some of them you’ll have to look close to see the humor, others are more obvious. Some are rather naughty. What in the world were the playground designers thinking?


Some Funny Playground Fails (17 pics)

These days, Twitter has become all the rage and many celebrities are taking full advantage of the service to say things that they wouldn’t say in public. A case in point is the numerous celebrity tweets in this post that are sometimes naughty but still very funny.


Humorous Celebrity Tweets (25 pics)

Although he may have been a great heavyweight boxing champion, the sanity of Mike Tyson came into serious question when he was arrested for beating his wife and again when he bit Holyfield’s ear during a championship fight. The quotes in this post will do nothing to dispel that theory. 


Insane Quotes by Mike Tyson (15 pics)

What you're about to see may look like just a bunch of uninteresting ordinary items that don’t deserve any attention. But in reality, these are the sculptures that were hand craved from one block of wood and hand painted!


Stunning and Incredible Artwork (37 pics)

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This amazing artwork is all knitted. It is hard to believe that these objects could be made of yarn. However, when that yarn is in the hands of artist Nicole Gastonguay incredible things happen to it. She is truly a master of her craft.


Artwork That Is Knitted (38 pics)