Enjoy the pictures from the 15th Cat Fashion Show in New York. The show, taking place in Algonguin Hotel, also celebrated the host cat Matilda's birthday. The participants looked posh and glamorous. 


Cats in Haute Couture (35 pics)

Journey of Bugzy - Are you ready for the greatest adventure of your life? As a bug... In this point & click adventure, you need to assist Bugzy the bug on his journey back home. Bugzy got lost because of a huge storm and he's now missing his home and family!
Journey of Bugzy

Kerixep Plus is the sequel to the popular puzzle game kerixep, work your way through fifty new levels of challenge and excitement. The aim of the game is the same than in Kerixep, the player must light up all squares without going over the same square twice.
Kerixep Plus

Build The Bridge - Drag and rotate the objects to construct a bridge for your train. Don't let the train crash as it crosses. Build The Bridge is very similar with the classic physics game Mini Train. Drag and rotate the items to build a bridge for your train.
Build The Bridge

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I don’t know what era they are from but they certainly are different from what is done nowadays.

So what do you think, are they for animals or for humans? :))


Antique Collars (13 pics)

Would you be surprised if I told you this beautiful nature is not really natural? Have you immediately thought of Photoshop? Don't rush to conclusions. Some people's imagination and talent go far beyond understanding.

Some of you may have seen our post about Matthew Albanese amazing works, but this one includes his best works and the making of.


"DIY Paradise"

Made of cotton, salt, cooked sugar, tin foil, feathers & canvas.

Unnatural Nature (35 pics)

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A massive reconstruction of the photo, depicting a kiss of a sailor with a nurse at Times Square. The original photo was taken by Alfres Eisenstaedt in 1945 to celebrate the end of the World War II. There's a statue to those two not far from the Square. Hundreds of couples came to Times Square on 14 August 2010 to reconstruct the famous photo and the kiss.  


A Kiss to Remember (19 pics)

Troops of both South Korea and United-states have started military drills in case of a North Korean attack. No less than 56,000 South Korean soldiers and 30,000 US troops are training in South Korea and abroad. They say it’s purely defensive but North Korea sees it from a different angle and says the drills are a rehearsal for invasion…

You will see here mainly photographs of South Korean soldiers in action but also photos of civilians who took part in the trainings.


South Korean and US Troops Are Getting Ready for Possible North Korean Attack (25 pics)

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It appears that lots of Chinese girls are real masters of make-up, so be careful if you end the night with one, you might have a surprise in the morning ;)


Other stories about Chinese girls transformed thanks to make-up:

You Would Never Guess That This Girl Is a Real Stunner in the End (28 pics)

Miracles of makeup in Chinese manner (12 pics)

Miracles of makeup in Chinese manner 2 (16 pics)

Transformation of the ugly duckling (22 pics)


Chinese Girls and the Art of Make-up (34 pics)

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The Other Side is the sequel to One Step Back. Go one level deeper into the convoluted mind of an addict. WASD / Arrows to move. Other commands in game.
The Other Side