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Unconventional Books for Children. Part 3 (15 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures   30 Sep 2010   / 11206 views

Children’s books can teach little ones how to behave, give useful advice at the right time, and help to understand this world. But there are these other kinds of books. They are surely funny to adults, but they are kinda creepy. Happily kids won't understand them, for now.


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Granted, they probably mean "gay" as in "happy." But the goat's horn up the bum and creepy farmer looking on approvingly? Something not so "happy" is going on.

If someone tells you they have a "pocket book of boners," you should probably turn and walk in the other direction. No wait, run.

"One Nation Indivisible," indeed.

Wow, book. Way to be a Jerk! What's next, "Who Cares About Elderly People?"

That's what she said...?

Do little boys really need a book to tell them how to do this?

"Yep, that's some armpit hair." -Dr. Ted. E. Bear, M.D.

You'd think the creators of this book would have been familiar enough with children to know what they think upon hearing the word "Pooh."

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is going to be disgusting 99% of the time.

Pro-Life pamphlets would be a lot more effective if they went the whole "your fetus can complain inside you" route.

We're in no way saying having gay uncles is creepy, but this book cover showing two grown men hovering over an androgynous child with creepy smiles definitely sends the wrong message.

Yikes! What happened to escapism? Please go to "Narnia," or something!

Somehow, an illustrated book with nude corpses on the cover is not how we'd go about explaining nuclear war to children.

We're going to go ahead and say a tornado or a car accident aren't exactly on the same "scary thing" scale as 9/11. The fact that it's a coloring book makes it even worse.

A wolf in a lab coat saying "Yum" at a giant turd isn't even the weirdest thing on this book cover. Maybe it's the fact that Mr. Poop (or Senor Caca) is wearing a beret and plaid golfer pants.

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not god
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Whats with the hair of the boy on the right in #pic3 ? fell into chlorium?
You can't get lost if you follow your own path
lmao, are these reallll??
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not good for kids
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Lol funny post
Challenge breeds excellence...
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A lot of perverted ideas ?