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Our site visitor has sent us this link to the original photos from the Civil War. We thank GOODSTUFF a lot, because now we all can take a look at the past by going through this amazing black and white photo gallery.


The Civil War Diaries (50 pics)

Seeing the works created by Italian artist Fabrizio Corneli at night time or during overcast, you will think that these are just formless metal objects attached to the wall for some unknown reason. But as soon as the sun comes out or somebody lights the lamps, his installations become real masterpieces and reveal mysterious magic through the plays of lights and shades.


The Master of Lights and Shades (33 pics)

This Russian girl is trying to sell her virginity on the Internet. The funny part is that she only wants $5000 for it. It is not the first "virginity deal" on the internet, there were some others but the price was much higher like for example Italian model Raffella Fico who's been selling her virginity for as much as a million Euros. So this girl's offer makes it sound kinda cheap.


My name is

Virginity For Sale (8 pics)

Connecting the dots seems to be a fun way for the author to pass the time. From the basic image, he can make the image appear in various situations. Some are quite obvious, some are not, and some are naughty.


Connect the Dots (22 pics)

These maps are an interesting project that was developed by Eric Fischer. The maps show the population of various American cities by race and ethnicity, which are color-coded. Here’s what the colors stand for: Orange represent Hispanic population, Red is White, Blue is Black, green – Asian, Grey is other and each dot represents 25 people.. Really interesting and informative.


Los Angeles

Racially Divided Map of America (66 pics)

This is a new death chamber at San Quentin where the condemned are put to death by lethal injection. Regardless if you believe in the death penalty or not, you have to admit that it is very impressive. But the kind of impression I never want to see.


The Death Chamber (15 pics)

The detail and beauty of these photos are absolutely stunning. Although they are mostly in black and white, they leave nothing to the imagination. The photographer Holger Droste is truly an artist.


Some Amazing Photographs (26 pics)

Shattered Colony - Help the survivors to build their base camp and defenses against hordes of zombies that have been infected by a mysterious global outbreak of a brain affecting virus. A sweet simulation game that looks a bit like 'the settlers' crossed over with good old tower-defense action. The game consists of building towers, managing the resources needed by those towers (and the ‘location’ of those resources), collecting more resources from cleared out buildings, and using resources to expand and destroy zombies.
Shattered Colony

In Puru Puru Two, the Purus are again randomly stuck on platforms and are dying to get to the exit gates. This time, you're not simply loaded with the almighty remover, you also have a pencil in order to draw new platforms with. Use your mouse to play this game.
Puru Puru 2

Age Of Defense is an action defense game. Play 40 levels in 8 ages, battle against 32 characters, use 37 weapons, spells, effects, and unlock 34 achievements!
Age Of Defense

Bridge Tactics - Click to place the dynamite, then hit Ready to send in the enemy troops. While they're crossing, click the sticks of dynamite to set off explosions. Destroy as much of the bridge as possible while killing enemy units. Reach the target score (shown in the top right) to complete a level.
Bridge Tactics

Battle Formation is a turn based strategy war game. At the beginning of each level, you can see the formation of your enemy, then plan your moves. The key to win is knowing the behaviour of your units. Believe us, it's not about the numbers, it's about tactics. Create a formation, press the button, then relax and enjoy the battle.
Battle Formation

Blood Wars: Vedroid’s Attack - Feel cool and kill them all! Use your upgrade points wisely to unlock special attacks and bonuses! WASD to move. Mouse to aim & attack. P to Pause. Space to use combo. 1,2,3,4 to set combo.
Blood Wars – Vedroid’s Attack