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  1. bertha_2_2
  2. ennaManila
    #40 is soo cute.. LOL
  3. Компрессор
    Доброго времени суток!
    Админ. Хотелось бы поговорить насчёт рекламы в вашем блоге. Если вы согласны, отпишите ваши условия на e-mail. Благодарю.
  4. Ankita
    Scuse me, I'm I'm havnig a bit of trouble with me wing. I think it's broken. Can anyone help? Do I know anyone that can help? -spreads wings as gospel music plays- -insert complete lol here-
  5. Munish
    JC, can you call up James Goodness, the ssaoepmkn for the archdiocese, and please request an interview with the archbishop.There are a lot of questions here and our inquiring minds need some answers. Go straight to the source.
  6. Amelius
    Ireland, land of mtiysc and fae. Beautiful greens of every shade covers the countryside. The music is both haunting and lively and the language has a beauty all its own. As a child this captured my heart and as I got older I found myself longing for home. And today I am as homesick as ever even though I have never been there.I am of Irish/Scotch decent and believe that this is the reason I am so homesick. Even though I have never met the people I can see the love and friendliness in their faces in the pictures I have seen. My husband bought me a large book about Ireland and it's history and I am looking at and reading it every chance I get.Why is Ireland so special??? Because it's home!
  7. Aniket
    Hello,when I will rtesiger as a student I have to sign my school, but now I am an exchange student just until Genuary. After I will come back to my school in Italy: what school I have to sign?Can I use an italian translation for my work or I have to use an English version?Kind Regards,Selene
  8. Yunus
    just in case you wnaetd to know WHICH art academy, here it is: Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).

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