Well, the people who are represented in wax are no dummies. But the amazing figures are so lifelike it is nearly impossible to tell which is the real person and which is the dummy. One way is to look at the background.


Amy Winehouse

Wax Dummies (12 pics)

These are some great ideas for Halloween. Regardless if you want to make yourself look spooky or you want some spooky gadgets, this post has you covered. This is the reason why Halloween is such a fun holiday.


Interesting Halloween Ideas (55 pics)

This 30 year Taiwanese woman named Chen Wei Yih to marry herself when she couldn’t find a suitable partner. The wedding cost almost $6000, had 30 friends who attended the wedding at the banquet hall, and hired a wedding planner. This could only happen in Taiwan.


Marry Yourself? (11 pics)

Remember this Chinese guy? This is the invisible man. Liu Bolin, a Chinese artist who knows how to disappear in any environment. He was born in 1973, studied at the Shandong College of Arts, and then at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. I propose you to look at his new pictures, there are, of course, some oldies but they don’t spoil the selection.


Chameleon-Man (19 pics)

These are photos of Dubai in the fog. They were taken in December 2005 from the 33rd level of the Emirates Towers. The skyscrapers are absolutely beautiful especially in the fog. Dubai is a beautiful city but the fog makes it mysterious and even more beautiful.


A Foggy Dubai (8 pics)

Whoever lives in this house spares no expense when it comes to Halloween decorations. These photos were taken by David Lohr who is a crime writer for AOL. There are enough Halloween decorations for any ghoul.


Halloween House (8 pics)

CatGame - Hold back hoards of cats using rocks and upgraded cat-corpses! Don't skip the tutorial, it helps. Don’t forget to upgrade your slingshot, otherwise you won’t go far. Tip: you can click a bit further away instead of dragging…

Bed And Breakfast - Can you run a bed and breakfast? See how your time management skills hold up in this fun fast-paced game! Serve your guests well, upgrade, make more money, win! Can you turn your simple bed and breakfast into a 5 Star luxury hotel? Good luck! Running a hotel is not easy, so keep your eyes open for anything your guests require. Don't make your guests wait too long or they will leave. Upgrade rooms; get a presidential suite; get a chef, improve the hotel and make more from your paying guests.
Bed And Breakfast


I'm a daily visitor from Belgium and i figured out i could share bits of my personnal work. I'm an amateur photographer, i do not intend to be a professional or anything like that, just shooting for fun!

Here is a little selection of photos on the nature topic.Everything from Belgium. Hope you like it!

Nature in Belgium (15 pics)




Hello to all IziSmilers. Finally, I looked through all your photos you sent to us and another selection was done. Thank all of you for submitting your pictures; you help to make Izismile more interesting and interactive place to hang out. So, we want to continue down this path!


We also wanted to thank our beautiful female IziSmilers for their photos for the new topic Submitted Sweeties that we talked about previously.

There have been more submissions since last time, but still not enough to make a selection. So please, a little more action, we are so close to making a great first post.


Plus, from what I’ve seen we have very pretty girls on Izismile. We are very lucky to have you :-) Just a few more photos and we can make our first Submitted Sweeties post; otherwise it will be delayed until the next week, which would be too bad.You still have some time, so don’t feel shy, send us pictures of you, I’m sure there are plenty of beautiful girls among our Izismile community.


Snaps from Izismilers. Part 10
Snaps from Izismilers. Part 10
Snaps from Izismilers. Part 10

The college of William and Mary, in Williamsburg Va.,  were happy to have their copy of QBVII returned to them today.  It is finally back in the stacks after a 35 year old check out.  The book was borrowed by Pat Harkin back in 1975 and finally returned to the College Library.


Uncanny Factoid: Late Fees! (1 pic)

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