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These billboards are made immensely humorous with the addition of some wit by local graffiti artists. The advertising companies were setting themselves up for a fall with some of their slogans. Like my Father said, never make a flat statement.


Graffiti Laden Advertisements (40 pics)

These fast food items are from all around the world but aren’t available in the United States. They have some unique names as well. Actually, it looks and sounds rather tasty. I wonder why they don’t sell it in the States? 


McArabia - McDonald's, Morocco
Two grilled Kofta patties, tahini sauce, lettuce, tomatoes and onions. Wrapped in Arabic bread

Un-American Food (14 pics)

These are some very old computer ads from Virginia Tech. Not only are the ads old, they are very funny. Some of them use sex to sell their antiquated PCs, others use humor. How did we ever get by with such inadequate equipment?

Retro Computer Ads (15 pics)

Every year a beauty pageant is held in the slum neighborhood of Korogocho, in the capital of Kenya, Nairobi. The purpose is to inspire young women to become more resourceful. Take a look at the post and meet Miss Korogocho, 2010. She’s a pretty young girl.


Inspiring Woman (10 pics)

Mr Looney Adventure - Looney's helicopter is crashed and he is lost in the jungle... Help Mr.Looney to find his way back home... Use your mouse to click on objects and locations on the screen to progress through the game.
Mr Looney Adventure

Ether Space Defense - This game takes the Ether series in a new direction by combining elements from shooters and tower defense games. Customizable backgrounds, thirty unique enemies, and game-changing upgrades make every game different! Arrows or WASD to navigate, mouse to select.
Ether Space Defense

FireBoy and Watergirl in the Light Temple - Help FireBoy and WaterGirl in this new adventure! Control both characters at the same time to solve platformer puzzles! Direct light beams to the sensors using different kinds of mirrors, activate buttons and levers to move platforms, push boxes and roll balls, collect all the diamonds and get each character to his door!
FireBoy and Watergirl 2 - The Light Temple

NT Creature - Move your creature through the levels and eliminate smaller creatures by attacking or eating them. You can buy turrets when you've got some money.
NT Creature

Wallace’s Workshop - In this puzzle game your goal is to get the crash test dummy in the tube each level using items such as batteries, cables, wheels, explosives, engines and glue to build a proper machine that gets the job done.
Wallace’s Workshop

An insurance agent uses the Internet to get potential customers by clever or inappropriate ad placement. This is the new way of ambulance chasers of the past to make money off the friends and families shock.


Ambulance Chasers of New Media (1 pic)