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These photos are of a British family as they changed in appearance from 1991 to 2009. They are in the same pose and the changes are rather dramatic. You can see them aging right before your eyes.


Aging (18 pics)

This is the first know photo of a human being. It is a Daguerreotype that was taken in 1838 in the Boulevard du Temple in Paris by the inventor of the process Louis Daguerre. This process involved exposing a chemically treated metal plate for 10 minutes. There were other people and carriages in the photo but because they were moving, they didn’t show up.


The Very First Photo of a Human Being (2 pics)

These are the instructions on how to open a locked lavatory door from the outside on an airplane. It is a very easy process. However, be advised that unless you really have to go, this could result in a very embarrassing situation.


Airplanes and Lavatory Doors (4 pics)

"Allure of the Seas" is a new ship of Royal Caribbean International. It is also the sister ship to the world's largest passenger ship, the MS Oasis of the Seas.

It is 181 feet (360 m) long, with a 3D-movie theater, ice rink. the ship carries around 5,600 people. The "Chicago" musical and the acrobatic show "Blue Planet" take place there. The outdoor playground on board of "Allure of the Seas" includes a multi-court, which can host basketball, volleyball and badminton games.

It left the Turku shipyard October 29 2010 heading directly to Florida, USA.


Giant Cruise Ship "Allure of the Seas" (23 pics)

If you've never been to Bangkok, Thailand, you'd probably be surprised to learn that a lot of people actually do celebrate Halloween here. Thailand is a Buddhist country but Bangkok has a sizeable expat community, many of whom celebrate Halloween. There are also a lot of Thais who celebrate Halloween , regardless of being Buddhist, as Thais love nothing more than having fun and Halloween is certainly fun

These photos were taken at the house and on Kao San Road, located in the old town, only a short walk from the Grand Palace.


Miss USA, Alexandria Mills was crowned Miss World 2010 in Sanya, China at the Beauty Crown Cultural Center. She and all of the runners up were absolutely beautiful. I don’t know how much talent they had but they certainly passed muster in the looks department.


Miss World, 2010 (25 pics)

These drawings were made by the bloodiest dictator in history; Adolf Hitler. His subject matter is an interesting selection of women, cute dogs, and flowers. The paintings were done between 1914 and 1917. In spite of his infamy, his paintings were not all that bad. Have a look and see for yourself.

A Dictators Drawings (15 pics)

This post contains posters of the clothes of some very famous musicians. It is a project made by Moxy Creative and called "The Style of Music." Some of the clothes are outlandish, some are rather ragged. However, when you are as good a musician as these folks are you get to wear whatever you want.


The Clothes of Musicians (19 pics)

These Halloween lights are nifty indeed. Some of them look nearly impossible. Somebody went to a lot of trouble and expense to make sure that their Halloween was special. Where was this kind of stuff when I was a kid?

Nifty Halloween Lights (17 pics)

Running Ink - Race against the clock to reach the goal in this stylish parkour platform racing game. You are a man made of ink in a paper world. Just be careful not to splat against things. Run: A/D or left/right arrow keys. Jump/Walljump: Space. Hold on to wall: W or up arrow key. Slide when running: S or down arrow key. Roll when landing: S or down arrow key. R: Restart. M: Mute. P or Esc: Pause.
Running Ink

Magic Defense - You’re a magician and must defend yourself against the enemy’s attacks. Mouse click and drag to attack. Change magic with 1,2,3,4 keys. Use space bar for special attacks (when the bar is shinning).
Magic Defense

Fombies - Zombies are attacking your donut stand and they need to be stopped! Shoot them with your different weapons to gain money and points! Each level has different numbers of zombies to kill before you can progress to the next level. Shoot the money as it rises to increase it!

Cyrcuit is a challenging hex grid-based puzzle game. Will you be able to assemble the machine parts and power your way through? This game is entirely mouse-driven. The goal is to charge up all of the nodes found on each level. Specific instructions are given in-game.