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  1. Ulriccc
    Thank's for the answers, and for all the pictures you're collecting every day =)
  2. joshuatree
    The new watermarks still suck. You guys just lost yet another regular viewer. Why not just take pride in other people trying to copy your site rather than annoying your users?
  3. the snowyowl
    Thank you, thank you for toning down the water marks.These are much more acceptable, and while , personally, I disagree with your using them, I can understand you protecting your work. I very much enjoy a few minutes to unwind at the end of work, and the pictures you display are part of my wind down time before dinner.
  4. Imdb
    But never-the-less, this picdump is still a disappointment. Never mind with the watermarks and shit. But thanks anyway for doin' a great job finding pics all day.
  5. jazmine
    'toning down'?

    sound like izi cares more about people 'stealing' their photos than they do the user experience. people are going to steal the photos anyway, guys. start caring about your users first. the watermark is terrible.
  6. Fenrisulven
    Lot's o good pics. I read your FAQ and it's OK. But i started to wonder, what if all sites like this and blogs were putting on watermarks. Would there be like 4 - 5 watermarks on all photos in every picdump out there?

    I will look for the IZI stamp on other sites to see how many who do take their photos from this site before the watermarks are removed. Thanks for using the text only.

  7. nocd
    To be honest I dont care about the watermarks...but since you brought it up izy.

    It seems hypocritical to put watermarks on photos because people are stealing photos that you had no permission to post in the first place.
  8. Tina
    I think you guys do great. Forget about haters.
  9. Norm
    To hell with the whiny prigs. They have no lives anyway. We support you IZI.

    I checked the other site and saw that they are rehashing all of their old pics. LOL

    Let them actually work for once!
  10. roflmao
    lol those complaining about watermark cant cant copy pic here anymore and repost it to other site lol lamers
  11. KungFu Grip
    for those that dont know, # 69 is what the inside of a can of whoop ass looks like. lmao @ 72 very nice
  12. mah name
    these watermarks are waaay better, the previous ones were totally distracting me in every photo. thanks again for all the work on collecting the pictures every day.
  13. Zeus
    Forget the nonsense, keep up the good work!
  14. softybear
    thank you for a great pic dump!
  15. d
    lame - I dont like the new watermarks at all. Ive seen half of these images already anyway, but your site used to be counted on to see them clearly without fuzzing them up and overlaying garbage on top. These arent your images to watermark none of the first 100 have any source credits and its not like you credit ANY of those.
  16. frosch

    Christina Hendricks

    do not change for Hollywood
    u r perfect the way you are

    please ahave a chat with Isabelle Huppert
    a French actress
    "Frankly, we are very happy to know that you, our visitors, not just the numbers on the statistics calculator, but live people who know how to express their thoughts and write comments. 75 comments to one post less than in a day! You cannot imagine how happy we are :) We thought that we would never see this. We hope that you will continue to comment actively on other posts as well."


    photo 40 - Obama as a role model
    will link after the water mark is gone

    104 - WikiLeaks stuff
    same story

    watermarks are a bit of a pain in the back side but can work around this

  18. Kurauto
    I'm happy that monkey thing have disappeared, but can you make the "izismile.com" picture a little bit smaller??? thanks... :)
  19. luis
    dont put the watermark on a free picture please thanks
  20. lolipop
    NICE PICS....at least keep u r water mark little small....
  21. vex
    today's watermarks are much better
    maybe a little smaller or less visible
  22. Muhammad Ihsan
    It's pretty simple thought for talking about competitors and only webmaster understand this matter! let me help do a little "Explanation for Dummies" Here they are:
    1.First Izismile Pays his Bill For His server maintenance and internet Bandwidth
    Fact: Internet Bandwidth its not cheap anyway a.k.a Expensive (go googling & Find out by your self)
    2.All thousands and much more to come filty spammers a.k.a admins from other competitor websites with their traditional filty laziness style come this server just for download and taking advantages for downloading images which also been compiled with a lot lot of effort of time. From This point we'll already know what will happen to izismile poor server (Elephanting bandwidth cost/$$$ additional server just for trashers plus Your competitors will become stronger and you just got weaken in traffic which means lots of thousands hours efforts just under risk.. what happen if this happen to you?)
    4.As an admin traditional lazy fatass, soon after they find any new interesting website for their additional sources, usually they will going to the homepage. This Watermarks will prevent New Lazy fatass competitor come to visit this website just for looking images to repost as the result where izismile traffics being competed and getting noiser & Noiser (this also benefiting us as the true loyal visitor, so we can browse izismile with more stable & faster)
    5.My Hopefully for Picdump as the top/first post in every izismile page so they'll(competitor candidates) goin to see watermarks first and got bored and canceling their will for raping the content again & again:)
    6.@lolipop agree with u
    Hey Izi You Can make the watermark with more stylist and cooler without annoying the viewers' sight ;)
  23. lakdjfdfg
    geez ppl, if you dont like the watermarks, dont look at them.... go find other sites where they copy all of their pics from izismile!
  24. vjetaa
    thanks for the good picdump daily! I don't care if watermark on or not.
    Its very normal you do because other webmasters copy/paste almost the hole picdump in 15 minutes while you guys spend couple hours searching for a uniek picdump!

    Keep up the good work!
  25. poil
    Watermarks !? Why the fuck ?
    Ok....Adios izismile....
  26. Fluffy
    I see sites like the c***e and the b***y steal from Izi every day.
    It takes time and effort to trawl the web for pics, so YES! Brand the pictures.
    They're NOT overly in your face, and they don't obscure the images.

    Further more, many sites brand their images.
    Funny thing is a lot of them crop off the old watermarks then replace them with their own.
    You don't like it? Try having hours of your research work taken form you and credited to someone else. Believe me, it sucks.

    I like Izi, and I approve of the watermarks.

  27. trex
    I support the watermark idea, and I'm glad you switched to less visible watermarks (yesterdays big ones were just to big<;)). I'm visiting izismile everyday to break the boredom of my IT work so KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! IT experts everywhere are counting on you!:)
  28. ennaManila
    don't care about the watermark.. the picdumps always make my day.. :D
  29. mm
    Watermarks are ok in my book.
  30. nixalimus
    what is the girl in number 2 doing?
  31. Tano
    Put 48h AT LEAST!
    I am sick to see your pictures copied to another sites.(t**c***e for example)
  32. vulpes
    Great job Izi,your site allways puts smile on my face.
  33. lame
    these pictures are up on other websites HOURS before they ever get posted here. These guys take themselves way too serious....
  34. Q
    where was 117 taken??
  35. Agataa
    My opinion - i respect ur work Izi, bc u find a lot of pics so u should put watermark, not bc there pics are urs, BUT u did hard job. i understand it :).
  36. kero
    nice collection thanks for sharing
  37. Ang
    To the people who are upset about the water mark; you obviously have no idea how these sites work and how frutrating it is to have people steal you work. The water marks are not bothersome at all. If they are needed so beit. Izismile is taking them off a couple of days after posting. Calm down.
  38. tim
    Thanks for answering our questions, izismile team :)
  39. mlmp
    118: http://mlmp.free.fr/index.php?2010/12/09/1788-cameleon-londres-08-10
  40. lolzz
    watermarks suck!!
  41. ;)
  42. shals only
    keep posting like this.......
  43. Buy oem
    6UMJjx Sometimes I also see something like this, but earlier I didn`t pay much attention to this!...

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