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Daily Stare: Snakes and More (16 pics)

Posted in Picdumps   8 Dec 2010   / 6159 views

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In this collection we find disfigurement, snakemen, pyramids, and much more to keep you occupied.


Sudan Meroe Pyramids

This is an aerial view of the Nubian pyramids at Meroe.

No Words

The picture speaks volumes on its own.

What a Quaint Building

That is what you might think, until you realize it is the entrance to a prison in Dorset.

Bebe Gloton

Yes, folks it’s a breast feeding baby doll. When you are out shopping for your nieces and nephews this little toy might be the present that kills the family joy.

Not Ashamed

Katy Perry is the new role model for the Fruit of the Loom folks. If she can make her strawberries stand out then they have nothing to feel ashamed of. 

Whale Tail

Huge whale dives deep in New Zealand. This whale has a unique fluke and is tracked by researches to find out more about the huge mammals.

Dragon Boat Festival

This is a picture taken during the Dragon Boat festival. The festival celebrates Qu Yuan’s death in Guangzhou. People light firecrackers and ride the dragon boat. The more firecrackers you light and set off the more fortune and blessings you will have.

Hurry in so that you can visit this yummy eatery.

or maybe not…

Pee and Poo

This is another great toy that might not make it under those Christmas trees this holiday. It would make a great gift for an office party or secret Santa.

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