Izismile Goes Mobile


Izismile Goes Mobile


Izismile mobile is fast, kinda pretty and comfy.
It works on all mobile phones’ default or installed browsers.
It was made with love. Come, look, use it. Don’t forget to tell your friends.

Videos don’t run on all phones and/or browsers, but they should definitely run in cell phones with installed Adobe Flash Lite.
We ask all visitors to test the video and write in your comments to this post:
- your cell phone brand;
- the name of the operating system;
- the name of the browser;
- if videos are running smoothly or not.
We will study the information and publish brands of cell phones that support videos.
If videos aren’t running, you can download the flv or mp4 file situated under the video player and watch them on your cell phone.

For more information, see our Mobile section. There is also a FAQ on how to use the mobile site.


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  1. Angel MV
    It doesn`t work at my Blackberry pearl flip 8230, why?
  2. Biliou
    Doesn't work on my iPhone 3gs -and it won't work on any iPhone- the flash thingy, but the mp4 links works great.
    Taking a brief tour on the mobile site i spotted that the pictures don't show correctly, they are showed cropped, but if I dl them they look ok on the photo library
    Anyhow, nice move izismile, i know you'll make everything work perfectly!
    Thanx for caring so much!!!
  3. Skyfather
    The web is being weird on my phone but I'll be sure to try it later tonight! :)
  4. Loomy
    i can fit 3 images to my screen of nokia xpressmusic 5800..
    why are the pictures so small? only 200x200..
    my resolution on cell is 360 x 640 pixels

    regarding videos they are also quite small but there is no problem with playing it, it goes smoothly loads fast

    very good idea to make it available from cell phones!
  5. Moctesuma
    Good news!

    I'll try this asap.

    Thank you for this effort.
  6. nokia
    does not work with my phone
    Nokia 6303i
    :((( very unhappy
  7. J02
    Doesn't work on my Blackberry Curve 8530.
  8. ashkan
    i just opened izismile on my iphone 3g and it's so cool and smooth (on safari). i haven't tried your videos though.

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