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Strategy Defense 6: Colored Mine

Posted in Games   10 Dec 2010   / 2191 views

Strategy Defense 6: Colored Mine - Your objective is to protect your castle from incoming enemies. Your enemy has 3 colored soldiers: Red, Yellow and Green. You have 3 colored mines. To kill and destroy the enemies, you must place mines on the land that have the same than the enemy’s color, it means you can only kill red soldiers with red mines, yellow soldiers with yellow mines and green soldiers with green mines. There are 12 standard mines and 6 special mines in this game. You can combine a colored mine and a colored ball to allow you to attack the enemy with a laser. You have 3 colored ball: Red, Yellow and Green. It doesn't matter if you combine a red ball to a green mine or a yellow ball to a red mine, but note that a red ball can only attack a red colored enemy, a yellow ball can only attack a yellow colored enemy, and a green ball can only attack a green colored enemy. Remember that balls have limited ammo, so if the ball runs out of amno, the ball will disappear. The ball will disappear too if your mine is destroyed. There are 6 colored balls in this game. Good Luck!

[via Belugerin Studios]

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