Tilted Tens: Parking Spot Savers (12 pics)



After the blizzards in the north space savers have come out of the closet to be used to hold shoveled out parking spots. It is a long tradition in cities like Chicago, South Boston, and other large cities to use an item to hold your parking space after you spend hours removing the snow.


The rule on these unique parking space savers is that you have officially 48 hours to keep them in place, and then you must remove them.  In Boston the crews have already been out and removed a lot of space savers.


If you are brave enough to remove someones parking space holder then, be prepared to have your neighbor pay your vehicle a visit that might possibly end up in slit tires.


We have listed a wide variety of the odd that has or have been used this year and in the past.


Shopping Carts


These are real gambles to use, because the store is known to come by and collect their carts. I bet the cart boys just love doing that.


Laundry Soap Bottles

You can’t miss the bright orange or blue bottles, but they are also easily removed from your spot and if asked you can say you easily missed them.



This can range from your average plastic beach chairs, to heavy and hard to move furniture like dressers and coffee tables.

Looks like everyone can sit  down on this part of the street.


Potted Plants

No, this is not for beautification; these dead plants are holding their owners cherished parking spot until they return.


Milk Cartons

Light, easy to move, but also easy for a car to shove into the street if they really want your parking space.



These have almost the same effect of the milk carton, easy to see, but easy to move out of the way.



When in doubt stop and slide. You can’t have the parking spot, but you can take a few moments to slip and slide.


Baby Jesus

Who would dare move this statue? You might be sent to hell!


A Star is Born

This should avert most parking space thieves. Yeah Right!  Good luck with that one.



Unique and who would want to move Elvis out of the way? He might be stolen for someones living room though depending on who sees this parking space holder.


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  1. Norm
    again, some of these are in Boston. Every year there are fights and sometimes shootings over parking spaces. When you have more than a foot of snow and you shovel your car out and then have a neighbor park there, people get mad...
  2. 2Cool4Ice
    +1 for the slide
  3. Wizard
    Chi-town rules! haha Last year the city sent out dump trucks to collect people's crap from their saved parking spaces. They gave a couple of days of warning. It's illegal to save your spot but people were back at it this year too. There's even a web site where people can declare their block a "chair free" zone.
    The funniest spot saver I've seen was a Dora bouncing chair. The nativity scene wins though. LOL
  4. Dauttmavy

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