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These funny animals (36 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny animals 2 Dec 2010   / 5374 views

You have probably already read that we are waiting on your photos and will be happy to post them every day on the site.

For the daily animal topic, funny pictures of your pets on the street or back yard or your house etc will do perfectly.

Email them to us at content@izismile.com or post your pictures on the site yourself.

Send in your pics and make your pet a true star!


These funny animals
These funny animals

Woofy Wedding (17 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 3915 views

When a man realized that his golden lab named Honey was his best friend, he decided to tie the knot. This odd couple got married in Toowoomba and plan on spending a short honeymoon in a city park.


Woofy Wedding

Astounding Cultures (71 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 12960 views

Just looking around the world our eyes are opened to the amazing diversity of its peoples, but also the common thread of our humanity.  These photos just might make you think today about where we all came from, or just laugh at the outrageous way other people in the world live.


Astounding Cultures

Uncanny Factoid: Christmas Feel

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid 2 Dec 2010   / 4117 views

I mean Eel! In gearing up for Christmas, this Kamakura, Tokyo, Japan aquarium decked the halls and its all powered by electric eels.


Uncanny Factoid: Christmas Feel

A Hit On The Internet (19 pics)

Posted in Animals 2 Dec 2010   / 6753 views

Meet fat cat Giuly. She is the latest Internet sensation. Her owner, Chiara Bagnoli from Florence, Italy, uploaded her pictures to the Internet and they a became the hit. The cat loves to pose for the camera, is very playful and very lazy, but not necessarily healthy…


A Hit On The Internet

Guess What This Is (2 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 9940 views

What do you think this is? The answer to this riddle is inside this post.


Guess What This Is

Tori Spelling and Her Silly Facial Expressions (6 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 2 Dec 2010   / 5588 views

I was always wondering how Tori Spelling could even make part of the Beverly Hills, 90210 casting back then, ‘cause what she is really good at is to make such silly faces. Actually, her acting could’ve been way better if she stuck to do this on the show. Her father should’ve known better…


Tori Spelling and Her Silly Facial Expressions

For Sale By Owner (20 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 6204 views

These home sellers have some of the most unusual and strange names that you have ever heard. Some are rather risqué, some are familiar, and all of them are very weird. Mostly though, they are all humorous.


For Sale By Owner

Who Waid that Girls Didn't Like Guns (18 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 9264 views

These are some photos of some little girls with guns. Although the idea of girls and guns may not seem to go together, these girls are right at home with them. While some of the guns are toys, some of them are very real.

Who Waid that Girls Didn

The Life of Cartoon (11 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 7066 views

Characters If cartoon characters were real people, maybe these are situations that you might find them in. Given the cartoon character, these situations are quite appropriate. They seem to fit right in.


The Life of Cartoon

How Fireworks Are Made (21 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 11575 views

This is how Chinese fireworks are made. Making fireworks seems like a very dangerous job. Imagine having a job where you are surrounded by tons of gunpowder. However, these workers don’t seem to mind.


How Fireworks Are Made

Gorgeous Graffiti (85 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 16359 views

This is some amazing street art from around the world. Although some people might classify it as graffiti, it truly is a form of art. While their canvas may be somewhat different, these artists are very talented.


Gorgeous Graffiti

6 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day 2 Dec 2010   / 2635 views

Everyday we put 4 - 6 new games on Izismile.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our game archive, we have more than 2400 games in there.
Hobo 4 – Total WarFly Squirrel Fly 2
Last Flower DefenceEver Rising Water
Obama in WonderlandRolling Tires

Rolling Tires

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 3586 views

Rolling Tires - Vehicles are missing a tire - roll that 1 tire to place! Get ready for 20 levels of physics-based puzzling.
Rolling Tires

Obama in Wonderland

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 2919 views

Obama in Wonderland - The evil Queen of Hearts has captured Alicia and is planning to cut her head off. Get yourself into Wonderland and help Obama rescue Alicia from the evil Queen of Hearts!
Obama in Wonderland

Ever Rising Water

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 3225 views

Ever Rising Water - Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive match-3 gameplay in an open seas physics game. Mouse to move. Mouse click to clear. Mouse wheel or 1,2,3,4,5,6 keys to select color. More details in help menu.
Ever Rising Water

Last Flower Defence

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 3950 views

Last Flower Defence is a post-nuclear tower defense game in a world where there is only one last flower left.. You must protect it no matter what. The game features 35 easy waves, 60 hard waves, 25 different enemy units, 4 types of player units and 3 levels of upgrades per unit + special weapon/powerups.
Last Flower Defence

Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 4303 views

Fly Squirrel Fly 2 - Launch the squirrel as far as possible! Collect cash to upgrade your equipment in the shop. You can upgrade just about everything, your launcher, your special effects, parachute coasting and more!
Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Hobo 4 – Total War

Posted in Games 2 Dec 2010   / 4309 views

Hobo 4: Total War - This time our beloved Hobo takes on the whole army. He is a wanted menace and everyone wants him dead. Prepare for total war, Hobo style! A to punch and pick up objects. S for kicks and stuff. Arrow keys to move.
Hobo 4 – Total War

Today's Link Fest (12 pics)

Posted in Random » Linkfest 1 Dec 2010   / 5723 views

To view these great articles, just click on the links.


Quick note: you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



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Daily picdump (124 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 1 Dec 2010   / 28355 views

The Richest Young Stars of Great Britain (30 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 1 Dec 2010   / 14002 views

Thanks to Harry Potter movies, its main heroes are now some of the richest young British stars. But there are other ladies and gentlemen who earned enough money to top this list of 30 richest young people of Britain.


Amy Winehouse, 27 (£7,833,0000)

The Richest Young Stars of Great Britain

Woman from China Adopts 1,500 Dogs 200 Cats (18 pics)

Posted in Animals 1 Dec 2010   / 11429 views

Ha Wenjin is a real animal lover. This Chinese woman has quit her job, sold her house, vehicle and jewelry to take care of over 1,500 stray dogs and 200 cats.

At first she had just a few animals that she took care of in her free time. But as the number of her pets was growing, she gave up her career and devoted her entire day tending to dogs and cats. Soon she had created a real animal shelter, and had to find 10 people to look after the dogs and 2 people to take care of her cats. Many volunteers donate food to these dogs and cats that were forced to move to a new home, because government officials of China decided to reclaim the land where the shelter was built on.

Today Ha Wenjin and her pets live in Houyu village. Even though it is expensive and difficult to keep a shelter open, this woman has no intention of giving up in her desire to save as many stray dogs and cats as possible.


Woman from China Adopts 1,500 Dogs  200 Cats

Daily Stare: Great Weds Whoopers (15 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 1 Dec 2010   / 6863 views

Can you believe it is Weds. once again? Here we are at humpday and looking forward to the weekend. Enjoy this new selection of fun, hip, and oddly diverse photos.


3.9 Million Dollar Pumpkin

Daily Stare: Great  Weds Whoopers

These funny animals (43 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny animals 1 Dec 2010   / 5999 views

Bad Boys with Their Moms (16 pics)

Posted by djkirsh in Pictures 1 Dec 2010   / 12810 views

Don’t believe that all rappers are bad boys. Even though they use NSFW language and make vulgar videos, they still are momma’s boys. Take a look at how much they love their mothers.

Diddy and his mom, Janice

Bad Boys with Their Moms

The Camouflage Cat

Posted in Videos 1 Dec 2010   / 2098 views

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The Greatest Sloppy Joes Eveeeeeeer!!

Posted in Videos 1 Dec 2010   / 1658 views

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The World’s Largest Aquarium

Posted in Videos 1 Dec 2010   / 1575 views

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Keyboard Cat Is Back, but in a Slightly Different Way…

Posted in Videos 1 Dec 2010   / 1992 views

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