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MMA Fighter Wins but…

Posted in Videos 3 Dec 2010   / 3617 views

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The Jump Rope Master

Posted in Videos 3 Dec 2010   / 2805 views

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Impressive One-Handed Pool Trick Shots

Posted in Videos 3 Dec 2010   / 2649 views

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The Slipperiest Sidewalk of England

Posted in Videos 3 Dec 2010   / 4545 views

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Interesting Flash Animation (Flash + Sound)

Posted by sym in Random » Flash animation 3 Dec 2010   / 11366 views

Each student in the Penn State University who is going to celebrate their 21st birthday recieves this flash animation sent by the university’s authorities. It’s their way to warn student. I think it’s a great idea and it’s very thoughtful of them.

Interesting Flash Animation (Flash + Sound)

Friday Wallpaper Collection (49 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 14746 views

New collection of wallpapers is waiting on you.

To see the picture in the full size, click on the cross-like symbol on the right top of the image, it will open in a new window.

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Friday Wallpaper Collection

Amazing Black and White Photography (40 pics)

Posted in Girls 3 Dec 2010   / 20430 views

These are some incredible black and white photos of women. It is thought that black and white photos do a better job of showing emotion than color photos do. These photos were shot in color and then converted to black and white using a process known as monochrome conversion.


Amazing Black and White Photography

Flavored Condoms (10 pics)

Posted in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 16538 views

What will they think of next? You may think that these flavored condoms are a joke but they are really for sale. I’m not exactly sure how they would enhance sexual pleasure, but the possibilities seem endless.


Flavored Condoms

SOS! A Sinking Barge! (7 pics)

Posted in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 8782 views

On Thursday morning, Hong Kong residents called the emergency service and police and claimed that they had seen a sinking barge with cargo in Victoria Bay.


SOS! A Sinking Barge!

There Are No Portraits Bigger than This One (9 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 7662 views

This giant portrait was created by Jorge Rodriguez Gerada, a Cuban-American contemporary artist.

This portrait is one of his terrestrial series which means that he’s working at a scale large enough to allow his images to be seen from space. I can only imagine the incredible amount of efforts put into this artwork.


There Are No Portraits Bigger than This One

Chinese Down-and-Outers (15 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 7854 views

China is the second fast-growing economy in the world, but the number of poor people, people living beyond the poverty line and beggars doesn’t seem to diminish so far. This post is about these people.


Chinese Down-and-Outers

Sushi Time (12 pics)

Posted by sym in Lifestyle » Food 3 Dec 2010   / 13178 views

Do you like sushi? Maybe not so much but this kind of sushi anyone will absolutely like..


Sushi Time

Amazing Photographs (46 pics)

Posted by sym in Pictures 3 Dec 2010   / 12991 views

These are some very beautiful photos from the 2010 National Geographic Contest and as usual, they are worth seeing.


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Amazing Photographs

4 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day 3 Dec 2010   / 2730 views

Everyday we put 4 - 6 new games on Izismile.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our game archive, we have more than 2400 games in there.
Crusade 2Infected
Freaky CowsHeli Intrusion

Heli Intrusion

Posted in Games 3 Dec 2010   / 4094 views

In Heli Intrusion you must survive waves of invading helicopters. Shoot them with your cannon and try to rotate them until they explode. Make them knock into each other to create cool chain reactions. For each exploding heli you earn money to upgrade your cannon with better ammunition or to upgrade and repair your health. Shoot the funny ragdoll style soldiers to make more money. Target with mouse. Click (and hold mouse button) to shoot. Try to hit the helicopters at front or back to make them rotate faster. Try to let them knock into each other.
Heli Intrusion

Freaky Cows

Posted in Games 3 Dec 2010   / 3885 views

Freaky Cows - Keep all the cows floating on the wooden objects. Can you safe all the cattle on open sea? Keep in mind that bulls weight heavier and might need more support to lift their weight. More strange objects and animals will continue to spawn as you level up. Press the left button of your mouse to spawn wood, cows, bulls and more.
Freaky Cows


Posted in Games 3 Dec 2010   / 5428 views

Infected - Fight against viruses and wipe them out in this quite challenging board game. Use mouse to spread or move own particles and assimilate them all!

Crusade 2

Posted in Games 3 Dec 2010   / 6501 views

Crusade 2 – Fire cannonballs, arrows and bombs to kill all of the castle-dwelling monsters. Limit your shots to earn medals. You also can create your own levels and share them with your friends. Use the mouse to shoot.
Crusade 2

Today's Link Fest + Sexy Pics of Elisha Cuthbert (17 pics)

Posted by admin3 in Random » Linkfest 2 Dec 2010   / 19537 views

To view these great articles, just click on the links.


Quick note: you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.



In addition to the articles you can see by clicking on the links, here are a few pictures of sexy Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert. Go inside the post to see more pics.


Hot Busty Nurses [The Smoking Jacket]

25 Dudes Who Look Like Super Mario [Manofest]

Hot Chicks in Bikinis Posing around Pools [Uncoached]

There's Something Wrong with These Theme Park Photos! [I Can Has Internets]


28 Pictures of Asian Party Girls [Djmick]

Good and Bad Tattoos of Celebs [Ego TV Online]

36 Sexy Girls in Camo [Regretful Morning]

Guy Has a Snowy Surprise for His Mother. Check Her Reaction [The Daily What]


Cute College Girl of the Day - Sarah from North Kingstown, RI [College Humor]

How to Make Skittles Vodka [Top Cultured]

Woman Rolls into TSA Screening in Bra, Panties, and Wheelchair [Viral Footage]

The 10 Studliest TV Characters of the 80s [Unreality Mag]


Girls in Police Forces (52 pics)

Posted in Girls 2 Dec 2010   / 140288 views

Everyone can think what they want but girls in uniforms with guns - hawtenss ;-)

So here’s a set of pictures with lady cops around the world.


The Republic of Singapore

Girls in Police Forces

Daily picdump (133 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 2 Dec 2010   / 22581 views

Dear visitors,

Starting from today, we will add the best submitted photos of yours to our daily and most popular series - Daily picdump and These funny animals.

If you have good stuff, then don’t hesitate and send it to us at content@izismile.com or publish it yourself directly on the site via the Submitter.

Any theme is welcomed, the important thing is that the photos should be funny, merry or simply beautiful.


Daily picdump
Daily picdump
Daily picdump

Chris Andersens Evolution (11 pics)

Posted by sym in Lifestyle » Celebs 2 Dec 2010   / 18999 views

Evolution happens to all of us, as we get older and make choices we evolve ourselves into new beings.  This is a pictorial of Chris Andersen’s evolution from beginning to his Mohawk tattooed current evolution.


Chris Andersens Evolution

Am I Doing This Right? (20 pics)

Posted in Pictures 2 Dec 2010   / 20500 views

Do you like memes? You can create memes of your own. And if you are not sure whether you are doing this right, you can check out these funny pictures and get the main idea.


Am I Doing This Right?

Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Posted in Videos 2 Dec 2010   / 2032 views

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You Only Dream of Driving Like This

Posted in Videos 2 Dec 2010   / 2420 views

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Nice Magic Trick - $1 Bills Turning into $100 Bills

Posted in Videos 2 Dec 2010   / 2236 views

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Cool Light Projections on Building

Posted in Videos 2 Dec 2010   / 2065 views

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