This is an amazing collection of some funny and some painful moments on the soccer field. Some are outrageously funny and others are terribly painful looking. However, they are all very interestng to see.

Soccer Highlights

This is an abandoned prison that is located in Perm County, Russia. It was abandoned in 2005. It is very spooky looking and there have to be ghosts walking around what’s left of the halls and in the cells.

Run Down Russian Prison

These are some stunning photos of roads and highways. The scenery around them is absolutely beautiful and some of the highways look as though they go on forever. It kind of makes you wonder where they do go.

Some Amazing Roads

DuBlox - The goal of the game is to move the DuBlox from the green tiles to the red tiles on each level. Use arrow keys to move DuBlox. Watch out for glass tiles! If the DuBlox lays flat on them you will have to start the level over. Green Square Buttons create extra green tiles that you can use to get the DuBlox to the end of the level. Press the Green Square Button again and the tiles will disappear. For Orange Diamond Buttons to work they must be pressed down at the same time with the DuBlox standing-up. These Buttons create orange tiles that can be used to get the DuBlox to the end of the level. The Yellow Circle button is a mystery. Press it and see what happens. Good Luck!

Slash Boom is an explosive physics slicing game. Click and drag twice to create your cuts and click to detonate your bomb. Get 50% of the structure to fly off the screen to advance to the next level, and try to get all 3 challenging achievements.
Slash Boom

Turbo Santa - Join Santa in this psychedelic, alcohol powered, Christmas-launcher extravaganza. It's weird… really weird. But that's what makes it fun! Upgrade Santa's sleigh with bombs, electromagnetic propulsion, and other cool stuff. Mouse to aim and launch. Click on Santa to give him a boost!
Turbo Santa

Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3 is a music game similar to Guitar Hero. Play Christmas songs Metal style! This new edition has some brand new songs and improved engine for better accuracy and response. This time Santa is accompanied by his faithfull steed Ruldolph on an epic journey to spread the Rock across the world. Use ASD and KL in easy mode to hit the notes. In hard mode use 1-5 to hit the notes and press Enter to strum the strings. When the Frost Meter is ready hit Space to double your points.
Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas 3

Paper Train - Control railway traffic without crashing any trains. You can stop and start the trains at the control square spots by clicking on the squares on the railway. Red square stops the train. Green square starts the train. Blue square switches the tracks for the train.
Paper Train

That should be the title of these artistic collages created by Danil Polevoy. He takes historical and old photos and inserts pop-culture icons. The effects are pretty amazing.

It Is What It Is

Yes, this dessert with its multitude of shipwrecks used to be the Aral Sea, full of aquatic animals and ships taking cargos to different destinations. The Soviet Union began to use the waters in irrigation projects until it was all gone, leaving just the blowing sands and shipwrecks.

Camels in the Sea?

When you are ready to throw out your couch where do you send it? The trash man usually won’t take it. These people just flung them out into the street and viola instant curb art.

Couch Dumpsters

There is magic in everything and these beautiful pictures show us the magic that can be seen in a single droplet of water. They range from simple to how the hell did they do that.

Water and Magic

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Our new section to Izismile is Eye on Stars. We will keep an eye on the celebs so that you don’t have to. We will strive to bring you the weirdest, funniest, and wildest pictures and gossip each week.

Hilary Duff Still Looks Good Without the "Paint" 

Eye on Stars

The world is still frozen solid, schools closed, slow moving traffic, and numbing fingers and toes.  We hope these pictures might help you defrost and prepare for a wintery weekend.


Ugly Underwear will Kill your Day

Daily Stare: Frozen Friday

These photographs show all the major events that happened in 2010. Let’s recollect the last 12 months that have already become our history.


A snowboarder flies through the Olympic rings at the start of the opening ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, February 12, 2010.

2010 in Photographs

Everyone loves Jolly ole St. Nick. In Fact, he is a popular commercial icon during the weeks prior to Christmas. He has been in print, radio, and even TV ads for generations. Here are a few examples of how Jolly Ole St. Nick sells goodies.


1948 Santa and 7-up

Tilted Tens: Commerical Santa

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Video Archive Download video: .flv or .mp4