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  1. Susan
    LOVE the ones of Michael J. Fox!!!!
  2. disturbed
    Some were better than the others by a large factor imo. Not all manage to say much, I think.
    The man is a genius, he made Renee 'pinch faced colostomy bag' Zellweger look almost attractive. Couldn't do shit for Tilda Swinton though, the bitch still looks like a dry dog turd on a hot pavement!
    Whatever happened to them dog turds?
  4. bring back smilies....
    Any one who can make amy winehouse look this way got to be genius. and he IS.
  5. AnnaMolly
    Haha, he has even photographed Die Antwoord.
  6. kero
    nice work thanks for sharing
  7. wow
    i liked all the photos, amazing
  8. ;)
    great photos!
  9. incognito562
    not boring
  11. izzimyfizzi
    mickey roarke makes me puke.
  12. Indian Girl
    PIC 31 <3
  13. Barta
    Oh, jinpumg of the roof guy makes a reappearance later ..sort of. Yeah, Koreans are hard core. If you are going to catch a beat down at school, you REALLY are going to catch a beat down at school. What I find interesting at Shinwha is how the class hierarchy is rigid and enforced. Do you have more money than me? It's not just that you are rich, you are richer than some people and not others and this determines your status. Even the more rich will treat the less rich badly. Either this means that this is the case not only between classes but within classes, or that too much money destroys the ability to relate to people as actual human beings. I think that's part of Jan Di's problems at the school. Not only is she an outsider, but she comes from a working-class family. This is not to say that having money has done ANYTHING for the manners of F4 and the rest of the Shinwha population, which, as you point out, often manifests itself in violence. I might not like Jan Di, but that doesn't mean I want to hit her in the head with a bottle .yet.I know, I know, Jun Pyo is NOBODY'S ideal man in the beginning. He is arrogant, all the time! And so demeaning, but I think he will grow on you. Fungus! One thing I noticed is that Ji Hoo likes Jan Di from the beginning. Like she amuses him (in a Joe Pesci kind of way, do I amuse you?'), and I think that is going to be his problem, namely, that he never sees her as a person, but like a bunny who is cute, and eventually needs help. Jan Di initially is something that breaks up the monotony of their dreadfully boring super rich lives. But I was very impressed at the material ways they convey their wealth, and snottiness, and arrogance and extravagance. Yeah, they totally took advantage of shooting Leader Joong's face for as long as possible in that forest scene. The man is PRETTY! You know this! But he's not the way he is in the MANGA, you have to forget that! He's just ..different .in the kdrama. Any other thoughts? Or should we move on to Episode 2?
  14. Saran
    Good news! Should hear the stuff Jan Powell has sent her frnied to say to me and my family. Glad her true colours have been shown. Atleasts sewer rats have a backbone. This woman doesn't.
  15. Baver
    Sweet. This has got a lot of fneeilg in it. It quickly dragged me in; part of me knowing, that despite his best his efforts, it would end in tears.What parent doesn't want to see the light of pleasure in their child's eyes and know they are responsible for putting it there. Naughty to read his daughter's diary, but it was with the best intentions.The end was humorous and not a bit sloppy. I really enjoyed the story.
  16. Kapil
    Oh, I rmbemeer when I was shouted down for thinking that he was an annoying, cutesy, crypto-misogynist overcompensator back when he was assing it up after breaking up with the Donkey. Yeah, she happens to be terrible but that hardly makes him some sort of speaker of truth to power by publicly pillorying her as she yips along in the background. He's cute, but inside, he's still a daft dolt who likes to go to Korea to feel like a big man. Grotesque.
  17. Jayson
    Yep. Destination has gotetn a reputation for being where the crowded blogger networking parties are but it's a great bar and really fun place to hang out, especially on warm weekend afternoons when they open all the windows and such. Dan and Mel are super nice and they make good low-priced food, too.Re: #2, this is true.
  18. Elisa
    Hey Shweta, I saw the prcnormafee of a few ELSS schemes u mentioned in the post above.. Any idea how Bajaj Allianz is performing?

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