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  1. Chubby
    #31 Izismile
  2. mangosteeen
    Lol i can easily live without half of the list... skinny tight jeans? Are you serious... what... this is 1980s?
  3. MMMM
    but why?
  4. tom
    wipe Iran off the planet
  5. Tarzan
    harry potter?? george?? kenny?? why?
  6. Heydrich
    Excepting cleavage, alcoh.ol and pork, it's fairly easy to live without the rest. And I'd be more than happy not to have in my country about half of what's on this list.
  7. einsib
    Iran should be banned in Iran
  8. Unknown
    Half of it? I'd be more than happy to have 90% of it banned in the U.S.
  9. Daniiela
    I am from Iran and half of those things are not true. get your facts straight.
  10. cinema
    Please remember, before you Judge Iran, that prior to the Islamic Revolution Iran was much Democratic, like most western countries. We enjoyed all freedoms that Canadians and Americans do. The people in Iran are oppressed, the government doesn't like any outward displays of creativity or style; yet many of these statements listed here are either exaggerations or simply untrue. Please check your facts before you badmouth a country like this. I agree there are some very strict laws in Iran - mostly stemming from it being a MUSLIM country. Like many Muslim-run countries, pork is not allowed, ponytails - well, they're not allowed because hair must be covered at all times if you are a woman, not just because they hate ponytails!
  11. blacktiger
    izi , u forget something!
    they banned lies fabricating sites like u.
    Daniiela : forget it , this has a problem since long time against certain countries ,races & a religion.
    just because sh*ts is not banned in usa, the world shall follows!
  12. Peanut
    Who cares?
  13. beh
    half of those things are not true.
  14. lolxd
    GG IRan
  15. Stona
    Yeah, Iran is so coooooool, they can hit woman whenever they want!
  16. laughinggas
    How about breathing... is breathing allowed?
    So they must have debated banning George Michael in parliament and banned someone with no intention of going to there country before he changes his mind.
    and they've banned that nice bit that goes between tits.... cleavage!
    there must be a massive waiting list for a passport out there.
  17. Joff
    America - Fuck Yea!
  18. mili
    these things refer to the goverment !!!! but iranian people dont like these shi*t
  19. Leroix
    As I sit here eating my pork-chop while my dog brings me another beer I thinkWhy don't we also ban 90% of these things?

    #9 The main thing never banned in the US is needing truth in any opinion!(LMFAO)
  20. 2309857
    forbidding facebook is a cool thing. they should do that everywhere -.-
  21. as
    How can someone say that they should forbid something, because he doesn't like it? It's fcucking freedom, you can do whatever you want, unless you are getting into someones way, and I don't wanna change it.
  22. ahz
    I read somewhere, that some things from this "list" are actually not forbid. So partly this post is true.
  23. RoRo
    If the mullahs ban sex they will be f**ked

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