A Russian President's Yacht (31 pics)



Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev has a new super yacht named Sirius. It was built in 2009, and before it was bought for the Russian President, rented for $350,000/week, and cost $40,000,000. The yacht has an alfresco dining area for 14 with a bar and a BBQ, a sheltered lounging area, a gym, sun bathing areas, and a deck Jacuzzi for 6. Some of the specifications of the Sirius include a master bedroom with a iPod station, WI FI Internet connection, satellite television with video and music on demand, a Play Station, Shower, 42 inch television with Dolby surround sound, bathtub, king size dresser, and office space with a computer. The yacht has a cruise speed of 14 knots with a maximum speed of 17 knots, has 6 cabins, and room for 12 chartered guests.


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  1. vasilev
    Air Force nONE...
  2. skydancer
    I wonder how well this yacht will sit with Russians trying to feed their families.
  3. informed
    @ skydancer,Russia today is not what u see in movie. :) They will not die from starvation. Actualy, economical situation in Russia is nbot bad at all.They pulling up since 1990. Manu of our country don't have such progres.
    Think about it :)
    If u already have internet, than use it well :)
  4. Curious Cat
    Any russian reading this? Can you tell me how much is the salary of a russian president? How can one person with the salary of president of a country buy a boat for 40 million dollars?
  5. Mr. Ree
    It has room for 12 charted guests buy probably needs a staff of 50+ people to keep it running, maintained and clean. That's a huge monthly payroll bill but I guess if you have 40,000,000.00 to throw away on a boat, it's no big deal...
  6. informed
    First thing, I'm not a Russian. I live in Europe and I dot't have anything with Russia exept my knolege and education. That also include geo-politaical knolege and interesst for Euope surroundings.
    Secound, that yacht is onlu for propagand uses.
    (something that u will never understand :))
    Thah yaht represent Russian prezident, or Russia it self. No one in Russia give a damn how much it cost, bescause they are very proud people.
    And third,it is much less than us spending on killing inocent civilian all over the world.
    Have fun!
  7. Tom
    @informed Are you saying Russians learned their lesson after Afghanistan, and now instead of killing innocent people they splash money out on yachts? And I think that saying 'no one in Russia gives a damn about how much it cost' is ingorant. I am sure that some Russian people would love to prove you wrong...not necessarily verbally ;) BTW I'm not Russian. Peace.
  8. woot
    Wow, a 42" television? AND and iPod dock?!?! Holy shit these guys live in luxury!

  9. incognito562
  10. lollolol
    hey informed , why don't you go f**k yourself up by throwing your life from the window instead of defending a f**ked up country like yours
  11. lolzz
  12. j
    It's award from Prime Minister Putin for President, that he wouldn't interrupt Putin's work.
  13. K
    So how much do Obama spend? It's funny to see Americans have so much opinions about every one else.
  14. janik
    ..how did he could afford to buy this ship..? hahhaha.. thief!!!

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