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Uncanny Factoid: Fall and Live (2 pics)

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid   31 Jan 2011   / 3707 views

Adam Potter of Scotland took a 3,589 foot fall and walked away virtually unscathed.


He slipped while climbing the 3,589 Sgurr Choinnich Mor in Scotland on Saturday. He tumbled down the slopes and managed to land. When he was rescued they found him standing up reading a map. He is one lucky man. Even after the fall he has plans on climbing Mt. Everest. I wonder if that is pushing his luck.

Learn Something Fun:
Number of people to attempt to climb Mt. Everest: approximately 4,000.
Number of people to successfully climb Mt. Everest: 660.
Number of people who have died trying to climb Mt. Everest: 142.

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