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Difference of Speed: F1 vs FIA GT Cars

Posted in Videos 31 Jan 2011   / 5520 views

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A Cat's Life (7 gifs)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 8247 views

Do you know what is it like to be a cat? This funny gif-story describes a cat's life.


A Cat

Daily Stare: Frigid Fun (15 pics)

Posted in Picdumps 31 Jan 2011   / 6296 views

Here we are back to Monday and with it comes the Monday blues. Here are some shots that might help you turn that frown upside down.



His Life Is Only Half of Yours

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 9909 views

Still he is strong not to give up. When other people say they can’t stand it any more, he keeps moving on and enjoying his life to the fullest.


His Life Is Only Half of Yours

Uncanny Factoid: Fall and Live (2 pics)

Posted in Random » Uncanny factoid 31 Jan 2011   / 4048 views

Adam Potter of Scotland took a 3,589 foot fall and walked away virtually unscathed.


Uncanny Factoid: Fall and Live

The Mysterious Island of Madeira (10 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 14647 views

Many people thought that when Jules Verne wrote the story about a mysterious island that he was actually talking about Madeira Island. These are the actual photos of the mysterious island of Madeira.


The Mysterious Island of Madeira

Frozen Foods that are Ridiculous (15 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Food 31 Jan 2011   / 13346 views

Recently, Digiorno announced the launch of some ridiculous frozen foods for the frozen food aisle. They are undoubtedly that strangest frozen food ideas ever conceived by a food company in a long time. What were they thinking?


Obama Fingers

Frozen Foods that are Ridiculous

A Models Day (17 pics)

Posted in Girls 31 Jan 2011   / 25410 views

This is a day in the life of Swiss model Julia Saner, who is 18 years old, during Paris Fashion Week. Her day starts out like any ordinary teenagers but ends up in the glamorous world of high fashion.

A Models Day

Unrest in Egypt (98 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 13536 views

The protests in Egypt are becoming more violent. An increasing number of anti government protesters are calling for President Hosni Mubarak to resign. So far 150 people have died and over 3,000 arrests have been made.

Unrest in Egypt

Those Darned Cameras (6 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 9928 views

Cameras can be used in many ways by different people. Some people have ulterior motives while other people don’t. These cartoons are quick to show the difference. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

Those Darned Cameras

Asian Art of Self-Defense (8 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 22432 views

The art of self-defense is no laughing matter. It should be taken seriously, especially for those women who are afraid to walk alone at night. Here is a quick lesson. With these instructions and a little dedication those women should be safe.

Asian Art of Self-Defense

Honey Bear, a Love Doll (14 pics)

Posted in Pictures 31 Jan 2011   / 14565 views

I don’t know if this is all for real or if this is a big joke, but in anyway, it’s kinda creepy…


Honey Bear, a Love Doll

4 Games of the day

Posted in Games of the day 31 Jan 2011   / 2169 views

Everyday we put 4 - 6 new games on Izismile.com.
But if it isn't enough for you, you can go and check out our game archive, we have more than 2400 games in there.
Caldera LegendsMad Trucker 3
Miragine WarScorched Sky 2

Scorched Sky 2

Posted in Games 31 Jan 2011   / 2564 views

Miragine War

Posted in Games 31 Jan 2011   / 3050 views

Mad Trucker 3

Posted in Games 31 Jan 2011   / 5613 views

Caldera Legends

Posted in Games 31 Jan 2011   / 2213 views

Daily picdump [WEEKEND EDITION] (78 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 29 Jan 2011   / 28171 views

Top 20 Posts of the Week

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 11068 views

Ask Jackie (29 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Celebs 29 Jan 2011   / 9336 views

Yup its true Jackie Stallone, Sly’s mom is a psychic or something and she shows off her talent in these pictures, and her fashion sense. After viewing these shots you might just think wow a natural witch, but where is her mole?


Ask Jackie

Harry Potter and the Macros (24 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 13199 views

What is more fun than watching Harry Potter? How about poking fun at him with these off the wall macros.


Harry Potter and the Macros

Frightening Valentines (94 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 8134 views

If your sense of humor is twisted, you can send one of these valentines to your second half. We are just not sure that you’ll continue dating after such a “lovely” surprise.


Frightening Valentines

Dangerous Tricks on Motorcycles (29 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 6084 views

I’ve been always amazed by people who can pull off tricks and stunts on a motorcycle. They are heroes of extreme who seem to forget about danger when performing a shocking trick!


Dangerous Tricks on Motorcycles

Stylish Girls from the 80's (11 pics)

Posted in Girls 29 Jan 2011   / 30792 views

An interesting selection of Philadelphia girls wearing the 80’s fashion hair style.


Stylish Girls from the 80

Snowball Fight (33 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 11036 views

These are great pictures of people and animals getting blasted in the face by snowballs.


Snowball Fight

Cool American Military Patches (74 pics)

Posted in Pictures 29 Jan 2011   / 9640 views

These are some cool-looking US military patches. People in the army seem to like jokes and humorous images.



Cool American Military Patches

Animals Being Cute (30 pics)

Posted in Animals 29 Jan 2011   / 15077 views

It’s so cute to see others being in love. But it’s more amazing to see these animals loving each other. They are really sincere in their feelings.


Animals Being Cute

Daily picdump (103 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Daily 28 Jan 2011   / 31330 views

Today's Link Fest (15 pics)

Posted in Random » Linkfest 28 Jan 2011   / 6589 views

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Friday Gif Selection (44 gifs)

Posted in Pictures 28 Jan 2011   / 19382 views

The page is broken in two, so don't forget to click on the second page to see more gifs.


Friday Gif Selection
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