"Amazing" Facelift (4 pics)

Penny Johnson wanted to have facelift surgery, and her plastic surgeon promised her “amazing” recovery facial procedure.


Only a year ago Mrs Johnson was a high-flying IT and finance businesswoman who worked at Bishop Cavanagh and received an annual salary of over $960,000. But her career and family life were ruined at the moment she decided to have facelift surgery at Methley Park Hospital in Leeds.

The surgeon tried an experimental procedure that left Penny Johnson with a drooping eye, slurred speech, drooling, and pain in her right eye, because of the nerve damage.

The woman is unable to work, and now she is suing her plastic surgeon for £54 million (about $80 million) compensation, since her twitch and “monster eye” stopped her working and caring for her 3 children, who complained about the way she looked.


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  1. meukr
    that's too bad for her.....too many women have been crooked by plastic surgeons...but i also believe that they are paying the price of their own vanity..
  2. vishpri
    id slap those kids!
  3. shedragon61
    I agree vishpri. Thos kids could have learned a valuable lesson about how to treat people if their parents cared!
  4. Just-Gore
    That's what you get when you mess around with nonsense like plastic surgery (which should only be used in certain cases).
  5. Alkhoren
    Perhaps the whole kids thing is to make a suitable complain for the suing process ... but hey, she still looks odd, nothing wrong to point that fact out
  6. Norm101
    Wow... Making almost a million a year (is that correct?) and still felt so bad about herself that she needed to go under the knife.

    Too bad, as far as I'm concerned. Any time you go in for ANY surgery, the doctors make you understand that it is DANGEROUS. There are risks involved any time you cut into someone.

    She felt like she could never have that happen to her (as do each and every person getting procedures done). Sad, but predictable.
  7. incognito562
    aw. damn,
  8. hugh
    she looks angry permanently
  9. Tarzan
    i'd still do her...
  10. iziwhaat
    her fault, what was she doing getting anything done? She looked normal and now she looks like a freak...who's fault? Yours lady!!
  11. splat
    fuck plastic surgery!
  12. ConnorMcmanus
    She made almost a million a year and she went to the cheapest guy on the block? Me thinks she was not very bright.
  13. MOZ
    I hope those kids remember that they didn't want to be around their mother because of the way she looked when they don't receive any inheritance.
  14. severe_009
    she look the same
  15. metronomen
    but she had a great compensation.
  16. Katie123
    Still she gets a lot of money. Aww her kids :( It must be sad spending a lot of cash and it going wrong.
  17. Peanut
    There was nothing wrong with her to begin with. She was attractive. Plastic surgery is for self-centered fools.
  18. Greedy hos get what's coming to the
    Aahahha that's what she gets - twit had millions of dollars, her health, and (below) average looks, and *still* wanted more. Go back for round two, dumbass! Maybe they can seal the other side of her face shut this time.
  19. Autmn
    06.18.07 at 2:59 pmBiggus RickusI would amettpt this but for two things. 1) I'm not funny. 2) I suck at/have bad luck at drafting fantasy football teams. Inevitably, I will draft Priest Holmes as he's verging on the shitheap and Frank Gore the season before his breakout. My fliers all crash and my gamebreakers break legs.

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