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  1. Alkhoren
    #3 how can someone be so dumb ?
    #53 If he was the world ruler i'd say ze wouldn't live a full year
    #65 kinda epic, i love how the sister must have been so pissed at her brother's answer, i'd just like to remind, that we speak about einstein's theory of relativity and space-time relations, it's not a cold hard fact, but an important theory.
  2. 2
    #37 that kid who is crying was punched by the guy with no arms
  3. Peanut
    The cat in #17 has been badly abused: ears have been cut off and his nose has been damaged. God knows what else. Not funny.

    Please don't put kittens or any other small animal in a jar and put the lid on (#17). It scares them. Plus there are too many cruel, sick people out there. They don't need to be encouraged.
  4. Z
    Alkhoren It IS cold hard fact, the effect has been measured and proven dozens of times. For example, by comparing two atomic clocks, one that's been on a plane ride and one that stood on the earth: the one that flew was a little behind. In space these things are even easier to see. Relativity is as much a fact of nature as F=ma.
  5. M
    #20 is good
  6. b
    < goggie says, fuck your lawn
  7. yozz
    #1 romanian kid
  8. Louis
    Will pay more in manicure!
  9. kero
    nice collection thanks for sharing
  10. sniffer
    Too many cats.
  11. lilalolu
    Voldemort cat: "The abandoned cat had to have its ears and nose removed after suffering from skin cancer."
    Search for this article in Dailymail if you wanna know more: "Volder-mog! The homeless cat who can't find a new family because he looks like Harry Potter villain"
  12. JLo
    #37 Looks like the kid is sneezing

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